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  1. My daughter brought her Accord over today because it started making a loud noise a few days ago. It was a loud, high pitched metal-against-metal squeal. She's had a few problems with the power steering pump, so I initially thought that is what the problem was. I removed the serpentine belt, and the squeal went away. I replaced the power steering pump, and noticed three things right away: - the squeal was still there - the belt on the tensioner pulley was not centered - the belt seemed to wobble on the crankshaft pulley a lot. I'm thinking this may be because of the belt slopping
  2. My daughter has a 2007 Accord that has a few issues: 1) The steering wheel turns and the tranny can be shifted with no key 2) After driving for a few minutes, the shifter goes into park, but the key can't be turned all the way to extract it. Generally, it turns enough to kill the engine, but this is problematic at times. After pushing the shifter into park a few times, a little more forceful each time, then the key can be removed. Fuse 21 is OK and the brake shift is working normally. I've read some about the solenoid potentially being a problem, but I've not taken the console a
  3. Next weekend, we're replacing the inner/outer tie rod ends, struts, and lower ball joints on my son's 2001 Honda Civic EX with around 128,000 miles. The previous owner obviously hit something pretty hard given the damage to the driver side strut. The front end does make some noise, but I don't hear any clicking from the CV axles during tight turns. Should I go ahead and replace the CV axles while I'm at it?
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