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  1. where can I get tech support(info) for my 07 FIT? anyone? Quote MultiQuote Edit
  2. where can I get tech support(info) for my 07 FIT? anyone?
  3. I'm having trouble getting the new cv axle to line up & seat all the way into tranaxle. I've looked for a notch on the splines on the end of the new & old cv axle, but there isn't one. There is a flat spot on the gear that it goes into in the transaxle however I can't find any abnormalty on the splines on end of cv axle. I'm at stand still. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ok so I got the cv axle in but I'm getting a vibration in the cv axle when I let off accelerator, it's only a little shaking but it's enough to where I don't wana drive it. Anyone know what mi
  4. would someone point me to forum to get tech support(info) on my 07 Fit
  5. Hello everyone I'm a new member & I'm originally from Memphis but currently I live in MS. I'm 45 & I love my Hondas. I have a 99 Accord & a 07 Fit. I need some tech info on my FIT today if anyone can steer me in right direction. Thanks
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