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  1. D-Dub

    K24A2/K24A2 Being Borrowed

    Hello all, I know this is a Honda forum, forgive me senpais for bringing outsider questions to our sacred home. I have some questions, and I'm looking for opinions on the engine choices. And the overall swap. I've been digging around different forums, parts sites, kit sellers etc etc. I've come across Kmiata. ( https://kmiata.com/collections/kmiata-swap-parts/products/ultimate-k24-miata-swap-conversion-package?variant=31087681159) They sell an entire kit for a rather pricey lump of about $5,300 .This swap uses the K24A2/K24A4 powerplant out of various Honda and Acura cars. The engine I'm considering can be sourced for about $1,300 with relatively low miles and the only thing left to worry about are a few odds and ends I would say no more than $300. My math skills tell me that puts the swap price right around $6,900. Obviously there are other options for similar and a little more money. BUT $7,000 for a naturally aspirated, 200hp, low mileage, non-modified engine that will be inserted into an NA '92 Miata I feel is a pretty solid daily sporty car. Any and all opinions, positive and negative are welcome. Side Note, Yes I know "But it's a Miata. Why would you waste a K24?" I know some people will think that. Frankly, I'm a Miata guy just as much I'm a Honda Fanboy. I have a 9th gen 2015 Civic Si that my girlfriend dailies and we love it. While I won't disregard criticism based solely on not liking Mazda/Miata's, I'd like a little more substance. ​​​​​​​Thank you all.
  2. D-Dub

    What to do and where to go?

    I like it. But I sold it to my brother.
  3. D-Dub

    New Friends?

    Hi Honda Family! I'm new to the Honda forum world. I was told to consult 'The Forums' before making any large decisions regarding the newest member of my family. I just recently purchased a 1993 Honda Del Sol Si and immediately did a transmission implant from a second Del Sol I had that was giving me engine problems. Aside from that huge project, I have seen nothing but progress with my Del Sol. She has not given me any issues whatsoever.
  4. D-Dub

    2008 Civic transmission fluid question

    Hello, As far as I am reading, the ATF that was put into your civic will be ok. To directly answer your question, no it is most certainly not the same as genuine Honda ATF. As far as correcting the current situation is concerned, I would not worry over it. The next time you replace the ATF, I suggest purchasing genuine Honda DW-1 ATF and bringing it to the shop with you. This gives them no excuse for not replacing the old with OEM new. Genuine Honda DW-1 ATF can be found online, specifically on eBay and other online markets. I hope I have been of some help to you.
  5. D-Dub

    types of swaps

    Would a boosted B18B1 non-VTEC engine mated with a GSR transmission yield promising results for stability of the vehicle to power ratio? Or, would it be more efficient to scour the surface for a B18C1 VTEC engine and mate that with the GSR transmission? My end goal is to have a decent amount of power to the wheels while still retaining a drivable car (for the lady). Whichever of these two options would be best to fit with a 1993 Del Sol is what I am going to strive for. I am having a hard time finding reliable sources for information on the two potential setups. If anyone could take some time and maybe give me some pointers or advice on the different pathways, I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  6. D-Dub

    What to do and where to go?

    I've been working on my Sol now for about 6 months and I am faced with the decision of doing a major swap, or, improving the current setup and installing a turbo. Can anyone give me some pros and cons of my choices? I'm also open to any other routes to take or suggestions. Thank you
  7. D-Dub

    Any sol'ers still around?

    I'm fairly new to the Delsol scene and I absolutely love mine. I have two now (one for parts) and I'm looking into doing a b18c1 swap with a gsr LSD transmission. Thoughts?

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