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    1993 Del Sol in Luscious Green
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    K&N filter on 80mm high flow induction tube. Resonator replaced with 3" expansion chamber. Muffler upgraded to FlowMax Turbo. P195-65 tires on 15" steel rims are looking to mate with Moon Bonneville discs. I like ground clearance in the hills and snow.
  1. jopower

    Del Sol Wagon

    Once, long ago and far away, I saw a picture of a Del Sol with the trunk lid replaced with a station wagon-like glassed in cover. Looked nicely done. Curved on the sides to match the Targa bar profile. Somewhat vertical in back, as you might expect. Supposedly it bolted on as an option and used all the same lift struts and latches. I search now and see nothing online. Anyone else seen this critter???
  2. On all other sites allowing a graphic that I've used for 20 years I can upload my pic or avatar directly and easily. This site has me signing up at another site to get my stuff. A site I don't particularly like. Well I'm not doing it and I notice that VERY few others are doing it. This is a hint. Change the policy and you wil get the zoo populated.
  3. I have recently added a 93 Del Sol with 200k miles to the stables. It has some problems to sort out, of course. One is the glove box. Mine is a bit sick. One of the retaining lugs in back is broken off and the hinge pin has flown away and been replaced with single conductor house wire. The box itself is pretty low end plastic and the latch pops if I cross the tracks or a healthy bump, dropping the contents on the floor. It doesn't hold much either. I just checked for a replacement online and found a few, but the only pristine one was $200! Others were missing the latch usually. I'd lik
  4. The gear box specs 10-30 or 10-40 engine oil, as I recall. It would likely improve with a full replacement of synthetic wide range oil (5-50?) if the seals are good. Another option is Slick 50 PTFE oil additive based on similar engine weight oil (not the manual trans product with heavy oil base). I'd take the car for a drive immediately after you put S50 in to prevent the Teflon from settling out too soon before it can get to all the wear surfaces. Drive it daily if you can for a while to set the stuff right. Warm season is a better time for this too. I was a S50 distributor before the stuff w
  5. I understand this was fixed by using the 1995 model revised seals. I need them myself. May have to rely on NOS network parts. Thanks for the Manual! BTW: I was able to find a huge bunch of manauls (like my missing Del Sol owners manauls) for nearly anything, FREE at "manaulslib.com". Sign up and up/download to your content. Good open-minded folks at Manuals Library. Pass it on!
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