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    What happened yesterday was the whole site down?
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    And before I get flamed to the burn ward let me explain that the car has no title so it isn't going to be a daily driver for anyone. Either I track it or is goes to the scrap yard Would probably get a junkyard radiator so I can add a gallon or some to the capacity and a tranny cooler from a truck to cool the oil and add at least a quart of capacity. Probably cut vents in the front bumper and run ducting to the front brakes Cut louvers in the hood to let some heat out from overbthe exhaust and behind the radiator. Whatever I can do to keep it from overheating and keep the brakes working
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    hey guys just coming on here to see what kind of feedback and info i can dig up on tracking a beater CRX basic rundown, my brother has a good running crx with a cooked clutch sitting around i can get for a couple hundred bucks. I am thinking about picking it up and throwing a little money at it to go race the 24hrs of Lemons anyone familiar with the race knows the deal, $500 for a car and the modifications (not including brakes wheels and tires, all safety modifications, cage etc) tires must be treadwear 190 or higher so most likely some Dunlop direzza z2 star spec tires, I would be more than happy to getto some flares and get some wide tires on it if I can pull it off. brakes I am looking into, I'm sure there are tons of different options but I just started looking into the crx as a lemons platform so I wont ask a bunch of noob questions until I search now obviously this car would be used for lemons racing so it wont be a beautiful show car, it will be completely gutted and caged, ugly, maybe a wooden or plastic splitter who knows what madness I can come up with for $300. if i can come up with a junkyard/craigslist turbo I can weld to an adapter and pipe off the manifold and run a short down/dump pipe and get the engine to handle it for 24 hours better believe its gonna happen.. will see what happens if I decide to pick the car up. with how light a crx already is, gutted out it wouldn't need a ton of power to be fast, some used coils would be a good use of a couple hundred so lets hear the ridiculous crap you would do to a $200 crx before you beat on it for 24 hours around a track

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