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  1. I have 2 whole cars one is (2dr lx 96 d16y7 obd2a) the other is (4dr ex 95 trash d16y8 obd1) i want to take the running (96 d16y7 obd2) and put it in my 93 4dr. I need to know how to make the (96 d16y7 obd2a engine with ecu) work in my (95 wired for an obd1) i dont know if the 96 obd2 ecu will plug into my 93 which was made to use the obd1. I can not find a jumper for what i want to do, which leads me to think i do not need one. Or if i could can i keep (p28 obd1) and make it run the 96 d16y7 enging which was ment to run on obd2? I cant find answer anywhere.
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