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    1985 crx si built in japan
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    integra rear disc, injen air intake
  1. logueben85si

    85 crx

    I need a driver side door for my 85 si what other years fit
  2. logueben85si

    1985 crx parts hunting

    Idle how to upload pics
  3. just got a 85 crx si built in japan. need to find body parts

  4. logueben85si

    1985 crx parts hunting

    i just got a 85 crx. i looked up the vin turns out being a si built in japan. i need some body panels like both front fenders and header panel. ive been looking at the forums on here and it looks mine already has an aftermarket like 6 piece kit not sure though need some help on finding the body panels and if someone could help me find out if it is an aftermarket kit thanks.

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