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  1. What kind of suspension would you recommend? I currently have kyb gas adjustable shocks all around
  2. As I said before as long as I do not have to do any kind of custom work to the body of my car. Seems they aren't a dime a dozen like the rest of the engines though.
  3. I'm really looking to not spend more than 5k but if to really get the performance I want, then 7k will be my highest budget
  4. i dont want to buy another car. i have little space as it is. my fiances pissed im taking up the whole garage as it is lol. but that hmotorsonline.com is awesome! prices i guess only show that they have everything in them already, which takes out my problems, although i would like to build one from the ground up. my next question before going further is, what engine would work better with a turbo, or is there no difference. because although the b18c has lots of power to start with, if i cant push it further for long lasting results, then there is no point, but if i could push a b16a it would s
  5. with getting the swap to b18c1 or c5, GSR or type r, would there be any changes to the frame at all, or would it just take some making new mounts, or would i be able to use OEM mounts on them? i was also reading that lots of people go towards the b16 type motor? and also, what do you mean by reliability will go out the window with swapping the engine?
  6. no no i understand. i bet it is annoying reading posts like mine. i apologize. this is just my first project on a Japanese car. i know i cant get a ten second car without fabricating the body of my car, but i do want to be at maybe 14 to 12? if that is realistic. im just wondering as a first time if i should be just throwing parts at it or if i should do an engine swap. there are many articles saying the d16 could be pushed with all performance parts on it, but ive also read it was a waste of money.
  7. it is a d16y7 i looked at it after i had posted this, internet was just acting up. and although i love the sarcasm, i am really looking to pick someones brain, and i guess that would be the first thing i needed to learn is to know the stuff i already have, so thank you much for that.
  8. Hey there. I have a bone stock 98 civic lx with the 1.6 (not sure which engine) and i was wondering if anyone could give me a layout of exactly what i should be doing in order to bring my car from poor slow sad to i am proud of it. It is a 5 speed, and i really just want to put as much as i can into it without having to change the body up... i know engine work, never done swaps but i am looking to get an opinions of those who know what they are doing to see if whether throwing thousands of dollars of parts at the engine i have currently would do the trick, or if starting an engine swap would b
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