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  1. thank you for the reply. i do have the d16 sohc 1.6 vtec motor. the motor sits with 166xxx miles with the liter tap. i found a b18c1 motor with a gsr tranny but what ecu will i need and should i go with a hondata s200 or s300?
  2. I am new to this forum here, here's the deal. i own a 1994 Honda Del sol Si with the stock 1.6l vtec with auto tranny i know its pretty lame right now. i am trying to get the car riced out right i wanna do a motor and full tranny swap and conversion. my funds have no limit so shoot me a list of things i will need to do this set up nasty. my thoughts were a b20 or b18c with a gsr tranny? wrong? i wanna strip it to where there is not power steering, no ac, nothing but motor wires and tranny i will be the last owner for this car so my options are unlimited thanks chris
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