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  1. That's deffinetly a way of doing it, it doesn't feel so great getting shocked as the car is cranking haha
  2. Go to the parts store and get a spark tester. There's a couple different ways to do it, most of which are unsafe ways of doing it. There's tools where you could just place this tool that looks like a pen and it'll light up if there's spark going through it.
  3. 97dxna

    1997 DX problem

    i didn't delete it, good luck with the clutch, glad to see you figured it out, i would say if your any close to here i've got a few people that can help you ou for cheap money.
  4. 97dxna

    1997 DX problem

    i mean 208k is a lot but its a honda, hondas last forever depending on how well you take care of it. Or how well the previous owner took care of it in your case. If i were you i wouldn't, get some pricing for a stock clutch and start looking at shops to do it at, some places have specials on installing clutches. i'm throwing a long ball out there but are you anywhere close to new hampshire?
  5. 97dxna

    1997 DX problem

    depending where you guy and what you buy. it could be about 500 bucks give or take
  6. 97dxna

    1997 DX problem

    clutch, i've done clutches in the past where they"ve experienced the same issues that your having
  7. I have a 97 civic dx coupe, i'm converting the manual steering to power. I'm looking for the following parts: Power steering pump Mounting bracket for pump Both lines Reservior for the ps fluid And the belt to be able to run it, my car does have ac And all necessary bolts/hardware for mounting it The car has a 1.6 sohc. If anyone is parting out, i would be more than happy to buy these parts off of you, or if you are converting to manual steering. I take responsibility for all costs for getting it to me.
  8. well currently the car obviously has a rack where it looks like the holes are just plugged up by some bolts to protect the insides from the elements. Wouldn't I just be able to use that rack and just run lines and put a pump in? Or is there a reason for swapping out the racks?
  9. hey guys, new to the forum. I'm going to be purchasing a 97 civic dx, the way that the car is couldn't be any more basic and stock. However, one flaw it has is that it is manual steering, this car is going to be my daily driver until i save up enough cash to buy a much better car and then make this my play/project car. Does anyone have any clue, or if there is such a thing, i'm looking for a kit to maybe make this conversion a little easier. Or, has anyone ever done this conversion themselves and is willing to throw a few tips my way on things i should look out for. I'm totally new to the honda and import scene but do know quite a bit about it from hanging out with friends and assisting builds. Most of my experience is more towards muscle and classics/ground up restos. Any tips or link refernces would be appreciated. Thanks
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