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    93 Del Sol Si
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    93- h23a non-vtec swap, body kit, JDM lights, red/black interior, D2 headers, Megan racing exhaust system, ICW rims,

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  1. New everything, I had the swap in my sol, keyword had, if you are going to a h23 tranny you need a better radiator, or your risking overheating, and before anyone asks, yes, the sol is out of commission atm
  2. I need some help here. I can't seem to get the lower control arm to come of the axle assembly. Even the pickle fork won't pry it off. Any suggestions before I go pay someone?
  3. I'm down, unless school interferes
  4. And that's the problem with big business, "safe" will keep you profitable but without risk the profit will only dwindle
  5. Nice, how long have you had your lude?
  6. Same here, great find. I also think that the 90's were the best year for Honda, afterwards they started making their cars into, well not stand out of the crowd cars
  7. If you've already found your stuff sorry for beating a dead horse but, I have a h23 and the stock radiator and hose set for the sol, I'll look later to see if it has been modified any
  8. What? English, but I can't part w them just yet I have to fix my aftermarket ones,
  9. You're talking about some massive ghetto-rigging, and i've done my fair share of that, technically it would work, try the shack or advanced up near Yokohama Otis for the retro-fit way first
  10. I see, everyday, a guy who put a HUGE aluminum wing on his car, fail in itself, but he left the stock wing, double fail
  11. Cheers, you picked a good car to fix,
  12. I got stock two piece off a 93 sol si
  13. I might be selling some here shortly but they need a good cleaning and a couple tabs are missing
  14. Please answer my question. Is this car your daily? after you answer that I might have some good input for you. And bro, I only get on on my phone, its an EVO, and I have no problems spelling.
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