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  1. so i got my motor in and all wired up starts ight up no CEL or anything. The passenger side axle popped right in, all joints matched up lower ball joint ect. so the passenger side hub was easy as can be to put together. but the driver side axle slid right on to the midshaft and the hub, but i cant seem to get the lower balljoint into the lower control arm idk why it wont go in. and my car is a 93 civic lx and its a 2nd gen b16a im using the axles that the swap came with. please help!!!!
  2. my ignition on my 1993 honda civic lx went up. So me and my step dad are replacing it tomorrow. How do you replace them? because we dont have any directions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. b16a1integra

    Car smoking

    i just recently got my car back from the mechanic and it runs fine. Its not losing any power or anything. Vtec is cracking and its running fine. When im just driving normally there is no smoke. But when i really get on the gas it starts smoking(white smoke) very badly. The mechanic said that the engine was fine. He ruled out bad pistons rings, pistons, headgasket, ect. And a minute or so after i let off the gas and drive normally it doesnt smoke at all. all the smoke goes away. But even when it starts to smoke it doesnt bog or lose power or anything. vtec is still cracking too. any help would be greatly appreciated. And if it is my valves, how much would that cost to get fixed?
  4. should i got with a p2p or a p28?
  5. b16a1integra

    d16y8 ecu?

    what ecu is best for a d16y8?
  6. alright thanks for the help guys
  7. I have an obd 2 motor in my obd 1 car, but I have the obd 1 dizzy on the obd 2 motor, will this be okay? Meaning will it run okay? Thanks!
  8. i ment y8 not just d16s but regardless, the previous owner did the full swap ecu, transmission, wire harness, basically the whole nine yards.
  9. I was starting my car up this morning, and it started up fine. Then when i was driving down the street it kept conking out. Meaning it shut off after a few seconds. Could this be possibly a bad fuel pump, bad injectors, or just a clog somewhere in the fuel lines? thanks in advance.
  10. did you not read where i said i did a y8 motor swap in my 93 sedan? no crap the 1993 eg's didnt come with d16s and a y8 ecu. Its called a complete swap
  11. will not having a catalytic converter hooked up throw a check engine light?
  12. im not to sure, i bought it from a guy who had recently just done the swap(like a week prior to me buying it) but my CEL is on do you think that may be due to vtec not being hooked up?
  13. I have recently had a d16y8 swapped in my 1993 eg civic sedan and during the swap vtec was not hooked up. Can someone please tell me how i would get it hooked up? and how much it would cost to get it fixed at a shop. And please dont comment on this thread saying how the d series motors are crap and how b and k series are the way to go. Thank you in advance.
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