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  1. Suppose I buy a pair of projector headlamps for the car, and then put a $100 pair of HIDs in. How am I lookin now? Thanks for your response, I'm just trying to get all the information I can, I've never messed with HIDs before. If I do it, I want to be able to do it right. If doing it right means going over $250, then I'll just have to put this project to rest. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking into installing a pair of HID light kits into my 2004 Accord. I've done a lot of searching and have seen the many price differences. The question I have is what is typically the main differences between the $50 kits and the $100 kits. Also, what are some sites that you guys have had good experiences with? I'm looking at getting 6000k at the max to keep myself safe from getting pulled over. I just want a quality kit that's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks for your help! Steve
  3. I have a white Accord and I am constantly trying to keep my car looking good in between washes. The only one I have used is Meguiars Quik Detailer but I was wondering if anybody else has any other preferences? I noticed that the Eagle One QD has more product for less money, but was too afraid to test it out. Thanks!
  4. I am stuck choosing between a Sound Ordnance (Crutchfield brand) P-69, a Sony Xplod XS-GTX6931, and a Boston Acoustics S95. Ignoring the price of each, in your opinion which is the best speaker for a Head Unit running at 22 RMS and 50 peak per channel? Thanks!
  5. Okay, thanks for all of your time and help!!!
  6. I don't really have a set in stone budget but I would definitely like to stay under $300 more like in the $250 range. I'm not very experienced with AUTOMOTIVE electronics but I do have a decent background with regular speakers and just general electronics. Given the right instructions and the right equipment, I think I could manage to install myself.(Crutchfield) I'm not exactly sure what the size of my stock speakers are, but on crutchfields website it says I can fit anything from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 in the front and I guess a 6x9 in the rear deck. I do not want to get a sub, I'm more concerned with the mids and highs than the bass. And lastly, I wouldnt install sound deadlining into the car. Thanks again for all your help, I only have limited knowledge of car audio, all I know is my audio sucks right now and it's the only thing that I don't like in my car. I know I can do better and stay within a reasonable price!! Steve
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I'm assuming that the only reason for an amp would be for the sub. If I didn't want to put a sub in, do you think new speakers would be work well enough with the stock head unit to make a big enough difference?
  8. Hello All, I drive a 2004 Accord LX with a factory system installed. Needless to say, this system doesn't sound very well. I'm looking to upgrade my system but I am not sure what exactly to do and I don't want to break the bank. I don't really want to mess with putting another head unit in, but if I had to I would keep the climate control panel and just put the head unit in the free space under it. So the question is can I get away with just buying new speakers, just buying a new head unit, or should I just scrap the whole thing and replace both the speakers and head unit? Thanks in advance!! Steve
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