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  1. WOW,i have alot to learn. i need to learn about basic car parts. So $240 just for the header?
  2. HAHA, couldnt agree more. im not into the hollywood crap.
  3. haha its your own opinion man. I personally sort of like it
  4. I see,well atleast you get some horses off the parts,every little bit counts. All these parts together would cost me around 600? Correct me if im wrong
  5. They're illegal in Cali unless the lights ae hi intensity from the factory..i didnt kno either til i posted this thread.
  6. Would you happen to how much horsepower would add on if id add on all these parts?
  7. haha i enjoy racing, would you happen to know of any good brands for i/h/e? Give me a headstart thanks for the advice it'll help me once im of age and get a car
  8. Lol great ideas, are the laws in I DA HO strict?
  9. Ah i see thanks ill keep that in mind. Where can you get stickers? Or does the cokpany just stick it on for you?
  10. haha nice to meet you, do you 2 live in the same area?!
  11. wow that sucks..what are a few instances whhere a cop can/will check whats running under the hood?
  12. Yeeah i ve seen a few cars around my neighbor hood do that, its loud as frack! i almost got scared cause it came out of nowhere!
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