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  1. redneck

    crankshaft specs

    Ha have a book in the drunk... ill lol there. Thanks
  2. redneck

    crankshaft specs

    My bolt on crankshaft came loose this ain't the first time ether. Amps i need is the tourk speck on the bolt. I tryed looking on line all that pops up is another honda fourms thred about the same thing but no specs. Ill keep looking to. All help is apreciated thanks
  3. thanks for the worning. ill watch my back... no its just the heat it diddent do it today
  4. on these hot days the volume goes down on my stero than comes back up than goes back down...ect. i pulled it out and its really hot. i know naturally they get worm. dose that mean im due for a new one or dose it just need to be cooled/ventaled??
  5. the correct way it it all worked well is to actually have the light on all the time and with the car off stick the paper clip in than turn the key one click (till the dash lights come on) and it will blink at u. my situation is diffrent. i did it correctly the first time than with it jumped i started the car and tried to MAKE it come on but it was a no go....like i said im stumped
  6. load check was all good... i stuck a paper clip in the clip and tried to make the light come on 4 times it diddent do anything.... im gunna take off the negative batt cable to try to erase all past codes to c what that dose..,..
  7. i will try to jump it when im done replying here. all that stuff that happens that i sayed dosent happen when the light is on all of it happens randomly with the light on or off... so i was thinkin i have 3 problems all at once but i will jump it today and find out what is going on.
  8. i just did a tune up a few days ago. the codes thing i havent jumped my ecm yet bhut klike i sayed the light turns of when i re start the car...
  9. hey guys .im stumped, dont know where to start. 1.my car dies randomly sometimes when i push in the clutch. 2.the check ingine comes on when my car is bogging down like going up a hill at low rps. but if u turn off the car dosent matter how long the light is been on the light turns off. when its on i loos a lot of power. buddie sayed its not important 3.i dosent like to take off verry well ether... any ideas? the o2 sensor is a month or 2 old...but the exhaust guy did have to cut the wires due to new headers... im gunna take it back and have him look at it monday. fuel filter i not real old
  10. redneck

    jump my ecm

    my bad will do next time.
  11. redneck

    jump my ecm

    hey one of my mechanics told me i can take a plug and stick a paper clip in it and my check ingine light will start blinking at me telling me the code i have. but the prob i have is he dosent know what plug. so i have a pic. one is a plug to plug in a ecu code reader the other is unknown. is one of these one to jump it?...ok heres the deal i have the pic but cant figure out how to put it up...can some one tell me how lol. its a 92 civic 1.5l 16v.
  12. gunna get crap tanked :)

  13. redneck


    yea no kidding lol. what u doing tomorrow? ill call u at 3 30. u gunna answer lol
  14. redneck


    thinking im gunna go with what cory has
  15. ok man. iv got jury duty today. ill call u after that.
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