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    95 civic,96accord
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    civic just has coilover kit ,wheels.accord has airride,wheels

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  1. The ecu that came with the car is a p75 ao2 would it be better to get my p28 Ecu chipped or get a obd1 to obd2 jumper? If so where do I get it?thanks for the assistance ppl
  2. I have no clue what a pr4 is?is it the ecu?
  3. just got a 96 integra ls obd2 totaled free.....got the motor,tranny,ecu,shift linkage,axels,tein coil overs,full exaust,rear skunk 2 lower control arms,never done a swap before,it's going into my girls 95 civic obd1 someone said i can get my p28 chipped i need motor mounts is there anything else i need to do?all help would be greatly appreciated..............thanks
  4. wifes car runs just got a b18b1.....free.....

  5. The only time the check engine light comes is when I swap the vtec wires around
  6. okay so i checked my plugs even swapped them around and check engine light comes on and even checked my vtec to ecu wires i have a picture diagram looks right.by any chance the plug that goes into the front of the exhaust manifold (sensor i think) well i took it off of the d15b7 1.5l and put it on the d16z6 1.6l...would that make it sputter?please people this thing is driving me coo coo oh yeah my check engine light is not on thanks
  7. I'm gonna really check all my plugs after work tomorrow make sure they're right and I got a pictures of the vtec to ecu I hope it's right maybe the injectors are clogged it always helps with a second opinion Thanks a lot guys keep em coming
  8. Yeah that's what I thought so I called orileys a checked and I also rechecks the gap even though they were pre tapped all I can think of is the timing
  9. just took out a d15 and put in a d16z6 starts but has slight sputter changed everything i can think of fuel filter,rotor,dizzy,(didn't come on the motor),cap,plugs,wires,pcv valve didn't have a iac valve got from some guy not sure if its the right one.took it around the block just seems like it has no power hooked up the vtec to ecu it has a p28.just completely lost waiting on someone to check my timing i doint have a gun.did it with a long screw driver,may the wrong dizzy it calls for 2 differen kinds hell clueless all help would be greatly appreciated thanks...
  10. Thanks man my headache is almost gone all I need is a iac valve now cause I took the old one off my old engine d15b7 and put it on my d16z6 I guess that's why it slightly sputters and my fuel filter is brand new and didn't know it was different.is the fuel pump also different?but seriously thanks bro
  11. Cool but to late just baught a dizzy and already got a p28 any idea about the knock sensor?
  12. ok just put plugs,wires,distributor,cap,rotor, hooked up vtec now no engine light so i guess its right but do i still need to wire up the knock sensor?still a slight putter.next is to change fuel filter.maybe since the motor was sitting for a while the injectors are clogged,or since i just put a distributor in it might not be on time all help would be greatly appreciated.also a dumb ? is a dizzy a distributor?don't laugh remember honda swap noobie
  13. just got her running still have'nt hooked up the vtec and aint running right maybe thats why. any news on the knock sensor is it true the p28 doesnt have knock sensor capability. it starts but has like a slight sputter.all my hair is almost gone
  14. Thanks so very much Brian as soon as it stops freaking raining ill see if I can't get her rolling.I saw those pics before different kind of engine confused me a bit. oh yeah brian you wouldn't by any chance happen to know anything about swapping the knock sensor (can i use the ecu that came with my d16z6 motor?at least some guy where i live told me something about the 2 vtec wires(which u already solved.............you the man..........and something about the knock sensor forgot what he said...sorry for all the dumb questions all new to this (honda swaps)just untill i can afford a true swap...
  15. Thanks so very much Brian as soon as it stops freaking raining ill see if I can't get her rolling.I saw those pics before different kind of engine confused me a bit.
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