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  1. -do you want function or do you want form?... I kinda want a little of both but If I had to choose, probably function. -do you want "bling" or do you want "wow".... I want my car to "wow" people. -do you want to spend $ or do you want to spend $$.... I probably don't have $$ but I can work with $. -do you want to spend an hour a week working on your car, or 40 hours a week working on your car.... If I could spare 40 hours I would but I'm young and have school but maybe a couple hours a week. -are you a beginer who knows how to change his oil and thats about it, or are you an ASE master tech.... I'm straight out begginer mainly because I'm young but my father is helping me out with majority of the stuff I don't know and he knows the whole deal about cars. I'm hoping to learn on the way though, I don't plain on putting in anything without someone who knows what their doing though. I understand that I'm starting out in this whole game and I understand you guys aren't attacking me but the way I want my car might not be the way you guys like your del sols. I want to completely clean it out but I can't because it would be to much trouble to get all the dirt and stains out, overall it would be worth is but my mom won't let me. Note: I am 16 and I still live with my mom. I would try and get a new engine but we don't have that kind of money. I would do a bunch more to my car but she won't allow me. Also, everything that is in del sol came from the previous owner, the pedals were the only thing I put in it because I wanted them to look clean for now, I plan on putting different ones in the future.
  2. Considering you'll attack if I say racecar or showcar... Originally I wanted a show car but with racing upgrades but I figured you'd critisize if I said showcar but that's what I want... Despite the critisizm, I'm still gonna go on with this post.... Here are some pictures of my car.... The Engine. Another Angle... Yes, there are flames on it... I didn't paint them on there, this was from the previous owner. Side View. Another Side View. Inside. Pedal Covers. TV Screen, I intend to take it out but it was from the previous owner... I plan on putting gauges there. Door Panel with the common del sol issue. The Racing Seats. Well, go ahead... Start critisizing me but if you'd be nice... I'd like some advice on what to put into it. Plus, I can't really explain how I want my car to look but if you ask something, I can try to explain exactly what I had in mind.
  3. Luckyzach

    Upgrade Ideas?

    So, I'm wanting to know what would be some good aftermarket parts for my car. I have 93 Del Sol S. Since I'm kinda new with cars and want to really understand some stuff on them, I'm asking you guys about what would be best to put on it. I know it already has a air intake and chrome headers. A couple other add ons like Racing Seats, strobe lights, neon in the trunk, aftermarket wheels(though I plan to buy ones that I can paint blue to match the second color, It's white and has blue in it but there is two different tones of white on it so I am gonna get it repainted Pearl White)... Most of it was already on the car when I bought it. I plan on getting a turbo on my car so I don't plan on buying any exhaust system or new headers. Any suggestions would be helpful. If you just say keep it stock, don't bother here because I want to make mine a good race car(I don't plan racing illegally, I'll take it to the track)... I already have body kit, hood, and fenders picked out and I already have the lambo door hinges(I know a bunch of you guys don't like them but I'm putting them on anyways, the stuff I already have picked out isn't changing) Whether it's upgrades or cosmetic stuff or ideas for a system cause I need a new one, I don't care. I'll take in account every thing you guys say. Money isn't a problem since this is going to be a project ranging for a couple years on. Please no bad comments or anything. Don't critisize me by saying, "keep it stock", I like it stock but I want to add more to it. Just give me ideas for engine upgrades, I probably won't swap my engine, as bad as I want to but I have to make some sacrifices. It's a D15B7, I'm almost positive but I might be wrong... Let the ideas flow away!
  4. Luckyzach


    I was told that a Urethane bodykit are a better fit to cars and I've been trying to find some for my Del Sol but I can't find any. I was wondering if Fiberglass bodykits are the only ones avaliable for Del Sol's or if I just can't find any Urethane bodykits. If there are Urethane bodykits for Del Sol's, where can I find them? What companies make the Urethane kits for Del Sol's? I've also read about a type of kit called Duraflex, does anybody know if that's a good kind of kit?
  5. Well, Since you guys mention that about it will probably blind me when I'm driving I probably wont do it.... I know that Del Sol doesnt look that good but it's the only one I could find with the fiberglass dash, at the moment.
  6. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3140557 This is an example of what I want to do my interior. I don't know how to do a single picture.
  7. The dash is clean. But I want the shiny look. I was wonder if you have to candy paint it to get the look. I've seen some Del Sol's that have this kind of interior and I really want this kind of interior.
  8. How do I get the polished dashboard look? Where the dash looks very shiny? Cause I was thinking of doing this.
  9. Alright, thanks guys... Got some ideas for an engine... Still not 100% but you guys gave me some ideas.
  10. Well, I want good mileage but also power.... What kind of engine does that?
  11. Thanks guys, got another question though. What would be a good kind of motor for a del sol that I could swap for, that has good power and speed but also is good for driving everyday?
  12. I've had my 93 Honda Del Sol for awhile and have'nt really added anything to it and I was wondering about any good websites that sell some good performance parts, comsetic parts, and maybe even engine swaps (cheap if possible)... I'm kinda new at the whole car thing, so any help would be appreciated.
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