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  1. ATF

    Check engine light

    ^^^ I need to do the same thing with my del sol. check engine light comes on frequently but my mechanic hasn't spotted a problem
  2. ATF

    Del Sol splash/mud liner

    Are you saying the rear doesnt have a finder liner???
  3. ATF

    Del Sol splash/mud liner

    No my car isnt lowered. It actually sits a little high on 17" rims. I was hoping to lower it but havent yet. I need all finder liners except the front passenger side. Not sure about the center peice. I saw a 94 Front drivers side on ebay for about 50.00 thanks for the info
  4. Anyone know a good place to find (3) 93' del sol splash liners??? I'm talking about the plastic piece that fits above each tire....not mud flaps. Also will a 94' guard fit on my 93??? thanks
  5. Hello, My left turn signal is blinking twice as fast as normal. (front & back) was wondering what causes this or if it has ever happened to anyone. thanks
  6. ATF

    Check Engine Light

    I am having the same problem. I would say my check engine light stays on 75% of the time im in my sol. My mechanic didn't find anything wrong so I just keep driving...
  7. ATF

    Del Sol front bumper

    So I bought a Del Sol bumper off egay only to have it not fit properly. The fog light holes are too small & it wouldn't fit anyways. I hope I get my money back for this crap.
  8. ATF

    Civic LX or Civic EX

    what's up WannaBstuntin'? Can you tell me why??? I have the EX and someone I know has a LX and thinks its better! bleh
  9. ATF

    Civic LX or Civic EX

    which would you say is better? I'm talking 96-99 era
  10. ATF

    power mirrors

    Depending on what it costs for parts & labor..I'm considering it
  11. ATF

    Better Dome Light?

    Question: Can you use the same size bulb for the dome/trunk light?
  12. ATF

    power mirrors

    I have a Del Sol S and was wondering if I could do a power mirrors conversion??? Its not a big deal to me or anything, I have just never driven a car without them.(until now)
  13. ATF

    Del Sol Roll Call

    southern Indiana 1993 Del Sol S 157,xxx Red
  14. ATF

    got a Sol

    New Albany,IN alright shak3ybOn3z I will let you know
  15. ATF

    got a Sol

    I live in southern Indiana
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