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  1. It sold today! I already miss it though. Well, it was fun while I had it! What to buy next?!
  2. 1988 Honda CRX Please view the CL ad for all the info: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/1325509853.html Asking 2100 If interested, please respond via the CL ad.
  3. jermnc77

    Update on my CRX

    Hey guys, The tune up is complete and the CRX is running pretty good. I just ran my first full tank of gas through the car and averaged 36.7 mpg. I also wanted to mention that I went to the salvage yard this past weekend and found some aluminum Honda rims! A major score! I'll take a picture and post it soon. They only costed me $20 each! My CRX's steering wheel is loose at the top (meaning the rubber twists around the metal form) and this same car had a really good condition steering wheel. So I got it too for $5! There was a stripped CRX there that had some really good sunvisors with felt on them. So I snagged those up too. All and all, it was a good weekend! I plan on putting them on my car as soon as I can get some time.
  4. jermnc77

    Sputtering at times

    I forgot to mention.... about those brakes..... I took off the rotor and took it to Auto Zone and had them measure it. I was still within tolerance! Pep boys told me it was shot and needed to be replaced. I did notice some hot spots and glazing on the rotor. So while I was at AZ, I purchased a sand block and used it. I think the brake pads that were on the car were cheap. The newer ones are a harder composite are ones that are recommended.' The sanding did take off the glazing and hot spots. So now the front brakes feel great!
  5. jermnc77

    Sputtering at times

    Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate your help and suggestions to my mechanical probs! So, I went ahead and done a complete tune up on the CRX and the car is running great! I may end up putting on a new master cylinder, but at this moment, it may not be necessary. (still need to bleed the brakes in correct order) I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing else will need work for a long time! Thanks again guys!
  6. jermnc77

    Sputtering at times

    K.I.S.S.= Keep It Simple Stupid! I should have used that motto. I just jumped the gun and assumed it was something worse than a simple tune up. Turned out that the spark plug wires were not properly seated onto the plugs! They were just laying in the holes! I did go ahead and buy new wires, plugs, distributor cap and rotor button. But so far, I've only installed the wires. That took care of the problem all in itself. But I plan on going forward with swapping out everthing listed above. Also found out today that I'm going to need new rotors and front brakes. I plan on doing that repair myself. Any tips I should know of before I go forward?
  7. jermnc77

    Sputtering at times

    I have no real clue. I was thinking of spark plugs and wires, rotor cap, etc.... but I have not done that yet. It seems to do it when the gas pedal is being pushed down steadily. But it doesn't do it every time. So, besides plugs, wires and cap, what else do you suggest/think it could be?
  8. jermnc77

    Sputtering at times

    The CRX started sputtering the other day on the way to work. It had a real hard time getting all the way up to 60 mph and then all of the sudden, it went back to running fine. It did the same on the way home, and then it just ran fine again. My initial thoughts were air filter and fuel filter. Now I've replaced both and it's still doing it. Any suggestions?
  9. Thank you! I'm happy with the results. I know it's not original "Honda" seats, but they are a great alternative!
  10. The problem there is finding the seats. That was my problem. I couldn't find any of those seats around here in a salvage yard. I found one guy on craigslist and he wanted close to $100 a peice for them! So once I saw those MX-3 seats, I went with those. And couldn't beat the price either! $20 each!
  11. I'll take another picture of the car with the door shut and from a distance. Plus I want to show you how it looks with the mudflaps installed. Also, I forgot to remove the Mazda seat belt clasps from the side of the seats, so I plan on removing those too.
  12. Yeah, believe it or not, I do. But first let me tell you that my CRX seats were not in terrible shape, but the side bolsters definitely had tears. And someone in this car's previous life had swapped the driver side/passenger side seats. Oddly enough, they kind of leaned back on one corner a bit. I don't think it's structural as much as I think it was the padding wore out. So, I was in the salvage yard and saw those seats and thought to myself, "I wonder if those will fit in the CRX?". I left them there for over a week and finally talked myself into going back and buying them. But before I did, I removed the driver seat from the Mazda and put it in a wrecked CRX there. Surprisingly enough, the seat sat great in the car. It wasn't too high and it wasn't too low. They looked good in there, so I decided to go for it! I had a metal shop put them in for me. There was a little bit of modification for the rear bolts, but the front ones lined up almost perfectly. And the results speak for themselves. The bolsters feel great, the seat stance feels great... I'm very pleased!
  13. Yeah... I was actually working on it right when you probably were viewing this thread. LOL How is it now?
  14. UPDATE: I purchased a set of seats from a salvage yard that came out of a Mazda MX-3 and had them installed into the CRX. What do you guys think? They feel soooo good. I'm very happy with them. They are very comfortable and have strong side bolsters. They are a little dirty right now, but I plan on cleaning them up when the weather breaks. I'm considering selling the old CRX seats now.
  15. Thanks for that tip camshaft! UPDATE: I've taken the CRX on a 45 minute drive through stop-n-go traffic and highway stretches. I didn't have any problems with it at all! BUT the other day, I got in it to drive around the neighborhood and it sputtered at idle. It didn't shut off, but there was definitely a sputter for a second or two. So, as I was telling you guys about the seats.... I took off the old seat covers and now I have replaced them with new ones. But I don't really like the old seats. So, I went down to the salvage yard and found a Mazda MX-3 with great interior! I'm taking the car to a metal works shop and the guy there is going to fabricate the brackets to fit the CRX. I can't wait to get the newer seats in there! They were in great condition! When it's done, I'll let you guys know and post some pics! ALSO, I found a stripped CRX there and it had all the original Honda mud flaps. I snagged them up and already have them on the car!
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