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  1. Will the driver's or passenger air bag from a 94 Civic EX fit the 94 Del Sol? What airbags will?
  2. Thank you And Kegger, I couldn't have put it into better words. Thank you and all the others on here for your service. I pick on other branches because my dad's a former Marine and that's the route I'm choosing, but never take that personal and know that I respect anyone who has served, past or present.
  3. agreed Sarah. much of it is fake Ashley. her kids/grandkids are going to have hell on earth (idk if she has kids).
  4. ty. didn't mean to be an a$$ i just don't think a lot of ppl appreciate what is done for them (not directed towards you or anyone imparticular). i agree that a lot of patriotism is gone from it. one of the most impressive things in history to me is back during the world wars when actors put their careers on hold to join the military. that doesn't happen anymore.
  5. if you're talking about sign-on bonuses, don't include the Marines. they have yet to offer me one, and if approx 12k a year is great money, i must have higher expectations than most. i'd join the military if i didn't get paid TBH.
  6. ? i am a civilian, i'm not in. i mean it towards myself too! i don't wake up every morning and wonder if the next kid i see has a bomb strapped to his chest. i respect the hell out of people that do that and i think it's shiity that people sit back and complain about what's happening with everything but knock the military.
  7. This makes me sick to my stomach. It's like flipping the bird to every that's given you the right to not wake up in a craphole. One of my favorite quotes is so true America is not at war. America's at the mall. The Marine Corps is at war.
  8. I think you're making a good choice joining the military man. You'll better yourself and like you said, do something fulfilling. You'll appreciate this place even more, and even with the problems realize what this country means to you. Airforce I won't join because basic is like no challenge for me. 5 weels of sitting in a chair, 1 of physical training. Hence Chair Force. Military is a good decision, I like the Marines because they're the first in and it's the toughest of the 4 (real) branches of the Military.
  9. i notice you say this a lot. reason? because it's the world's premier fighting force. they're given the task of protecting the President before anyone else. Land, Air, and Sea. It's a full military in one branch. go in the Army, they call you Soldier from day one. go in the Marines, you don't get called Marine until your 13 weeks are over. longer, tougher training. I'm psyched
  10. Exchange the sign-on bonus with earning the title of Marine. Marine Corps Reserve
  11. Some days you're the dog, and some days you're the hydrant. If you let me, you won't regret me. Shiit if you let me, you won't forget me- Lil Wayne.
  12. lol. i was more wishing for you to argue that his username could be a guy or girl. then i was going to quote the OP anyway, hello and welcome Jon-jon.
  13. Pballer wants man noodz!!! bleh
  14. yeah, i'm not making excuses, i said i was lazy and that's why. this semester is over, so next i'm going to buckle down. feel like an ass for doing it on my parent's dime too. >_< i really do. 7 years sounds like forever in school. i don't even like the idea of 4 years. i'm smart, don't even really have to put a lot of effort in. like i had an A in one of my classes, but procrastinated on a project and killed it. stupidity.
  15. get with the program is what i need to do. need i kick in the ass, more than i've had all my life. i work when it comes to a job, but school...i'm lazy as hell, and i hate it. USMC is gonna fix this crap.
  16. idk if you damaged anything, i hope not. but you need to take it to a shop that tunes ECUs and have it professionally tuned.
  17. i know. sit on my face mariah.
  18. you just bolted your turbo on and drove it?
  19. Sorry, but that's hot in my book.
  20. take a pic of your motor for us, where the engine code is stamped. but if it's Samba Green with the original motor, trust us, it's a Vtec. Vtec basically locks your rocker arms together to use the high lobes on your camshaft. It's like having a bigger cam in your car when you hit the Vtec crossover. Yes, it's good. No you can't get a gauge, but if you have an intake on it you can probably hear it kick in. I don't know exactly what RPM D16s kick in at, but someone on here will follow-up and tell you
  21. awesome job Nate! loving them, great choice and will look mean, especially when you add suspension to the project :drool: not to threadjack, but do you know what I could use as a centercap on my baby fats? i want to powdercoat them and leave the stock plastic centercap out. i want something small to go in the center, leaving the lugs exposed.
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