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  1. ohhh I'm trying man. Just called the guy and he's got someone else looking at it as we speak :(

  2. Lol at your last post! Haha. I am like you ready to throw down at any moment! would've replied but done with that thread!

  3. i will post in the next one :thumbsup:

    just don't feel like arguing with Ash and Rob anymore! good solution and will use it later! thanks! i vote you as mod as well!

  4. for sure man! there is life outside the internet, at least for me! :) how's the police job search coming?

  5. sounds good man. sometimes the degree speaks, unfortunately. piece of paper shouldn't matter that much, though i have learned a lot studying Police Science

  6. i totally hear you. i'm more than likely going to need my 4 year for DEA. it's not specifically required, but i know what i'll be up against :-\

  7. http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/job/agent/bef_quiz.html

    that's not to be an ass, just the way i understand it. i'm sure a person with a degree would get the job before the military personnel, but that's the way the cookie crumbles

  8. the military route requires a bachelors degree in addition to service. if you had previous experience with a smaller agency however, it would be a possible way to get in. not an absolute requirement, but definitely puts you at the top of the list.

  9. yeah, i knew FBI did. whoever has a degree will get looked at first i'm sure though. i'm also considering ATF, but DEA is my first choice

  10. isn't Cary like super close to Wake Forest?

  11. that's cool. I really like the Raleigh area. I live in the sticks up here in VA lol. There's nothing around

  12. gotcha. i was wondering bc my sister lives in Youngsville

  13. yeah but you see there's nothing to do here! The local hangouts are Walmart Hardee's! No lie! Lol it's pitiful! But we can swap places let's arrange that! Lol.

  14. thanks buddy! i'm sanding it down now, prepping it for paint!

  15. Some form of black. Something glossy, I'm painting it myself. I'm not going to attempt a pearl color on my first try. But i have confidence it will turn out nicely

  16. might be getting a lude man ;)

  17. yeah the black will be sexy! they were all second gens, might be taking a look at two 3rd gens saturday though.

  18. yeah man, i had a chance to buy a 3rd gen. but i'm much happier with my sol. 3rd gens are sexy. i'd like to build one. but i think an EG hatch would be ultimatum for me. that or another sol

  19. n2m man! just been sanding the sol down! it's crazy, i thought the day wouldn't come when i could paint it. i've got the spray gun ready now :) little more sanding and it's ready to go to the booth!

  20. I see you have been sneaking on my page! Hehe

  21. yeah. anything new on the lude?

  22. Yeah go ahead and get it aligned, so you don't tear your tires up. But of course sounds like you need that clutch pretty badly, do it as well. Do you know where the oil leak is coming from?

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