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  1. yo noki!

    Not a modification.

    you guys.. have too much time on the hands.. xD
  2. thanks for the compliment. sweet Accord yourself, i hope you have fun with it.

  3. that's the wife. :x and she's "backin that thang up" for all you fellas xD .... >.> as for the car: it looks like ugly punched it in the face. and left that body intact as a cruel joke. poor guy.. maybe he doesn't know? o.o alien ears.. wtf? lol
  4. i know this is old. i also know you've already heard this... but i figure: one more wouldn't hurt SICK!!!!! -drool- i love your cars.
  5. LOL to be honest, I'm on the bus driver's side. little piece of doodoo kids these days notice how they taunt the bus driver and then, when the bus driver actually does something the pitch in the kids voice raises like 10 notches and all he can do is scream. kid was about to wet his damn pants GO BUS DRIVER! honestly, I'm asian those pieces of doodoo need to learn respect. if i ever called the cops on my mom ... I wouldn't have an ass. xD Beat the snot outta that snivelling, insolent little effer. LOL. hate kids these days man.
  6. LOL nancy, you make that delsol kid look like a joke xD poor kid. probably didn't know what hit him <3!
  7. oo yes. i <333

    .. i named her :x

    haha dunno if you saw that post.



  8. I got seconds! :)

    Your car will be great for you. It's all in what makes you happy. Even if it's not modded out if you like it then thats all the matters.

  9. ahaha it's all gravy xD :thumbsup:
  10. har har. hopefully it won't be stock for long >.<


  11. yo noki!


    the second pic does have a certain angle/lighting to it. kinda speaks to you kyoot! i have some of those too.. ifff you don't mind my doing that thing.. where i take the light off the thread. threadjack? i dunno but here it is! my brother, Kevin second cousin in cali, Harrison :x run! i still think yours is better just cause yours looks like it was taken by a professional camera/camera-wo-man. mine is just candid xD
  12. har har. yes!@ <3s for taking my comment virginity ;)

  13. i broke your comment cherry. you seem chill, you are my hf buddy, okay?

  14. uhm. why are you replying to my post? lol i said nothing to you about your car. i say you're gay for being so melodramatic on an internet forum where you clearly asked for our opinions. but alright, here's the dish: i don't know about you.. but my car.. is there to take me from one place to another. it's not for people to ogle at at stop signs and red lights. you wanna spend 10k to try and make it pretty and fancy and run like doodoo. your choice buddy it doesn't matter if yours is prettier. if i haven't spent a dime on mine but it can still beast yours stock, then i pwn you. also. goddamn if 10k made that thing you call a car.. well.. now i just feel bad for you. p.s it's not about the car. it's about the driver. but pieces of crap owning pieces of crap. that's just plain ridiculous. ~toodlez!~ OH and GO KEGGER!
  15. lol i don't knock them for being sumitomos i knock them for being old with like 10% tread hahaha im savin up for new rims+tires .. maybe i'll buy one tire at a time.. hahahaha that'd be stupid. but funny as hell.
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