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  1. yeah its the front timing seal..the seal begind the harmonic balancer..the timing belt has to be pulled and half the motor must be dropped...shop said it would be about 800-1100 to fix :X and im just gonna get a stage 2 clutch cause everyone is telling me i dont need a stage 3

  2. ugh i wish actually it needs so much work at the moment idk if it will be moveable within the next month lol the clutch is slipin real bad and i need tires and an alignment my rear alignment is horrible! i already got an alignment and i know its not from drifting so much :p but im just waiting til i drive to alabama this christmas for my cousin to put in a possible stage 3 clutch and fix my oi

  3. very nice

    3rd gen is by far my fav

  4. nicceee gloss black looks good on almost anything

    and really? what gen?

  5. what color you paintin it?

  6. hey youre del sol is really nice

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