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  1. TD_Camp


    My friend drives the exact same car as me but his is auto (pus doesn't know how to drive a stick) and he just bought a Injen MR Technology CAI. But his dad won't let him put it on his car cause he is worried about warrenty and taking the front bumper off. He said he would sell it to me still in the box for $200. I could go to ebay and get an AEM or Fujita for right around the same price. what would you do. i just need a little input on which is better and which one you all would go with. thanks.
  2. TD_Camp

    Lighting Question

    I have a 07 Lx and was wondering if anyone knows if i can take the yellow/orange covers off of my headlights? its just the turn signal peice. a dont want to spend 250$ on clear lights if i can just take that out. Please help. Ty
  3. ok guys, This is a post from another forum called 8thcivic.com.(i dont no if any of you are members but if u r add me TD_Camp) This guy is building a home made turbo for his r18. This tool is using a Holset HX35 turbo. i dont no if any of you no but that is the turbo out of an Dodge Cummins Deisel!! That turbo usually runs at 35psi but can run at 15psi. but anyways i thought this was pretty interesting so i will share it. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45342
  4. TD_Camp


    ya once i save up the money im hoping to put that in my car.
  5. TD_Camp


    i no. it has gotten to a point its all about money. Honda saw how much money was being spent on mods and they r trying to fix it to where u can only get the parts through them. its stupid. i would love to have a k20a2 or even a k20a but i caint afford it and they know that most of us caint. this is their solution. but all in all honda is still a good company and if i owned it i would prob do the same thing. i dont blame them for any of it.
  6. TD_Camp


    tell me about it. i dont no y in the hell they did it like that.
  7. TD_Camp


    Thats not the manifold cool guy, on 06-07 civics (not Si) the header is built in. u can not buy an after market header. thats what u are actually seeing. the pipe comming off goes straight into a cat then under the whole thing to the next cat then out the back.
  8. i just bought a 07 LX, the jack in my car is right underneath the D/C jack.
  9. TD_Camp


    i just found it got excited and thought it was bad ass. sorry about the confussoin.
  10. TD_Camp


    Look what i found 2006-2007 Honda Civic DX/LX/EX 1.8L Turbo AJP FG1 Turbo Kit [AJP-FG1-TK] $3,500.00 $3,250.00 The All Japanese Performance FG1 Turbo Kit is ready for Pre-orders. The kit produced 176WHP @ 5 PSI on the Automatic R18 with OEM exhaust piping. We are certain that once the 7-8 psi levels are tuned we will see between 190-200whp on the automatic tranny. The 5spd versions are pretty certain to see an additional 10% increase in power over the results we see now. The kits will be capable of running up to 8 psi with the custom reflash provided by Hondata The Manual R18 motors should reliably see roughly 220whp @ 8 PSI. This kit includes: AJP Manifold Evo III 16G Turbo HKS Blow off Valve AJP Down-Pipe Aluminum Intercooler Piping AJP Front Mount Intercooler All Couplers and Clamps AJP PNP Injectors AJP Oil Feed Kit AJP Oil Return Kit UPDATE! ]
  11. TD_Camp


    I know im gonna sound really stupid for asking this but is the 2007 Honda Civic Lx Vtec?
  12. TD_Camp

    Does Anyone Know?

    If no one has heard of turbos or sc, does anyone know what mods a should get cause as i said before, i caint really find anything for this car. I was just wondering if i wasnt looking in the right places or what. Help me out.
  13. TD_Camp

    Does Anyone Know?

    I just bought a 2007 Civic Lx ( i know a was stupid for not buying a Si) and a was wondering if anyone has heard anything about a turbo or supercharger for this car? Just about the only thing i can find for this car that is worth the money are intakes and exhaust. I dont know what to do. Help me out.
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