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    5 trannies on 2 cars - does that count as a mod?<br><br>Admin at www.acuraworld.com
  1. Yours is an RL, which isn't affected by the CL/TL/Passport/Odyssey/Accord/Prelude problem, which began in the 2000 model year. ;) And Mark - you don't have to worry about making it sticky. It's not a big deal. Our CL replacement happened at about 23K miles; the first one for the TL happened at 9K miles, and it now has 20K miles on it and is sitting in the shop. Some of the guys have had theirs replaced 3 and 4 times, in the same car.
  2. Surely someone has something to say on this subject... I spoke to Acura's customer service regional manager (whatever THAT title means) today, and he was telling me that HIS numbers say 1.6% of all the trannies have had problems. If you just take a sampling of the people I talk to every day, that's about 10 times below reality.
  3. We're trying to figure out how full of crap Acura is with their "only 2% of trannies have been affected" estimation, and I noticed that y'all don't seem to have many discussions about this issue... If you've had a tranny replaced, or are currently waiting on your slippage becoming recreatable enough for the dealership to order you one, just say "aye". Personally, we're on our 3rd tranny replacement in 2 cars, the 2nd replacement for this TL with 20K miles on it. If you use the 2% rule, the probablility of this happening to any one person is about .0008%. We're trying to get a handle on how large the problem is, just among the vocal web crowd.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, and yes, waiting on the parts. We got the intake from a friend who had to sell his CL, so we lucked out price and inventory-wise. Future mods will include headers and sways, and a set of lighter rims and racing slicks for autocrossing (even though the car's heavy as a battle carrier, it's still fun to throw around!).
  5. Hey, all - likely should have posted this in the newbie forum, but eh, I know a few of you. Beautiful forum you guys have here! Look forward to seeing everyone around.
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