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  1. He is doing well he is pretty busy with work and all. I can't wait to see me hit the switches I have never seen my car really moving because I don't let anyone else hit them.
  2. Around September 4PumpedCL (Aaron) is also in it and a few other friends of mine. I also took them for a ride in the 03 BMW Z8 I was only able to get it to 120mph because every where we went there was traffic but it was fun. They are sending me a copy so when I get it I will tell everyone to look for it.
  3. Last night at a local hang out spot the guys from Street Fury DVD's came out. I had about 15 minutes of my car video taped hitting switches and dragging it on the ground. It will be on the Street Fury Inferno Movie.
  4. Art of Noize It is the car club 4pumpedCL and I are in http://www.artofnoize.com I am using a Sony digital P3.
  5. Thanks man yes I did make the sig.
  6. http://fiberglassbox.com/mov00228.mpg http://fiberglassbox.com/MOV00229.MPG
  7. That is going to haveto grow on me. I just don't like all the square edges and big trunks everyone is doing. My opinion.
  8. I actually didn't paint the bottom half it is a 98 Special Edition and the special editions came gray on the bottom.
  9. I am in the process of making a billet grille and cutting out the shell to put the billet in the stock surround I am also making a grille for the bumper.
  10. Exactly thank you honda civic and it's not like the RL is very fast or in any way performance minded from the factory. Am I going to put hydraulics on the Audi S8 oh hell no it will get awsome struts and coils and at that time I will probably ask some of your opinion on which ones are the best.
  11. It seems like every time I post something you start running your mouth and if you didn't care about the suspension then don't comment on it. I was simply informing you that you should have facts before you speak.
  12. TL I do have hydraulics. I will staighten out the young boys ignorance. There are two different kinds of hydraulic setups. You all have seen the Impalas and Cadillacs with hydraulics that ride like crap. They use a small coil spring between the cylinder and the upper spring cup. They do that so they can hop their cars off the ground. The setup I have done does not have the springs but instead I have installed accumulators. The accumulator is placed between the cylinder and the pump. The accumulator has a rubber blatter inside and on one side is Nitrogen gas and the other side is the hydraulic fluid. The nitrogen gas chamber is charged at 500 psi (that is adjustable smaller cars) and acks like a gas shock. Wow a completely adjustable shock to a single inch of pressure. My car actually rides better then it does stock. Have you ever been able to drive up a rounded curb at 45 mph without your car rocking around? I can every bump I go over the accumulators do their job and and I don't feel anything. There is a road by my house that my stock suspension bottomed out on at 60 mph I can now take that bump at two inches off the ground without rubbing. Super Street I do not talk about turbo's and all that BS because I don't know about it so do not talk about what you have no idea.
  13. here are a few pics of the paint I am going out and taking some good shots when I get the grille and moldings back on http://fiberglassbox.com/DSC00247.JPG http://fiberglassbox.com/DSC00250.JPG http://fiberglassbox.com/DSC00251.JPG http://fiberglassbox.com/DSC00253.JPG http://fiberglassbox.com/DSC00254.JPG
  14. To the people who matter I got the call from Lowrider Euro last week and the editor is coming out next week to look at my car 4pumpedCL's car and my buddies 00' Maxima. Three black luxury cars on hydraulics pretty stupid I guess.
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