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  1. Just popped on here to see if any of the regs were still here, and wow, it really has died a horrible death... Shame to see, there was a great community on here for a good few years whilst I was a reg. Hope you all are doing good anyway.
  2. Bump, these are still for sale.http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251260325129
  3. Still empty. And Dwayne still has a -63 reputation. HA.
  4. Colter, you can suck my plums for $8.46... that's about all you're getting for that amount of dollar I'm afraid.
  5. Just checking in here. Someone buy my Del Sol fog lights! http://www.hondaforums.com/topic/41518-del-sol-lower-fog-lights-for-sale/
  6. Hey guys, I've got a complete set of lower fog lights that I need to sell, as I've never gotten around to fitting them. Kit includes: both fog lights, fog light surrounds, wiring loom, plastic interior gear-lever surround panel with hole for the switch, the switch itself, and the relay. The only thing that is missing is one bit of wiring (apparently its very easy to just make this yourself). Price: £250 / $379.30 + P&P Will ship to the USA if someone wants them (I'll just have to get the postage price checked out), as I'm in the UK. Any questions, ask away... (P
  7. they did, well, apple made a music social network thing. it sucked plums.
  8. It still does exactly the same as what google+ does though. Ignore the bells n whistles and it'll save you time in going through trying to find those you wanna connect with. Just saying!
  9. You might want it, but it's pretty much useless. Everyone you'll want to add on it you'll already be connected to via Facebook n twitter... That's what I found out anyway.
  10. I'm not coming to the meet now, too scared.
  11. No promises, but I'll try my best. Might be able to come over for a week! Probs come over for a couple tho so i get to see a little bit more of the states...
  12. 2013? Hmm... I could save up some cash for this one...
  13. Actually, I'm looking at swapping the sol for a 2 door civic at the mo.... Type R baby! . Sorry, only winding you up about the door many doors thing, good luck in making it look good, that civic u posted up does look pretty sweet
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