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    had a built turbo gsr till it got stolen
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  1. ive done about 140 - 150 indicated. there is no speed governor on the car. how ever the car will only go as fast as the gearing will allow being so 6th gear rev limiter is the "governer
  2. how am i caught in the act of stealing s2000 parts???
  3. hey man all i gotta say is people give me free crap to show my car. so if its free (and good quality of corse) then im down.
  4. a little hard to see but its phat
  5. have you ever driven one?
  6. what i was getting at was that people are fitting the 04 headlights in the 00-03 s2k's so why wouldnt they fit on the 04.
  7. why wouldnt it? plenty of people are putting the 04 headlights and tail lights into the 00-03's
  8. hahah does she know me lol thanks when i get around to putting the other stuff on ill post some more pix untill then heres a teaser
  9. bmw doesnt represent speed? wtf, id rather have an m3 than an s2k lol
  10. i hate night shots....theres a pic of my headlight in my avatar.
  11. hahaha wait till i wax the car its been about 6 months or so lol crap all i did was hose the damn thing off lol, either way yah im waiting for more stuff coming in should be here this week sometime. also i still have to install my Toda header and my polished valve cover and my carbon fiber door panels and well im sure theres still more u see i got my work cut out for me :-D
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