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  1. well...if i had 30 minutes...dont you think id do it myself??
  2. i do have power windows but i can tell its not the motor. something is scratching the window and i dont know what it is. i might have to take apart the door panel.
  3. Every time i put my window down i can hear a deathly scraping sound. I know there isnt anything stuck in the panel and oddly enough there arent any scratch marks on the window itself. Any suggestions?
  4. you need a new radiator. my car did the same thing. i bought and installed a new one and everything was fine.
  5. hes deff lying to you..i have a 94 accord and it has 145k on it. ive never had to touch the tranny and the only work ive ever had to do to it is timing belt, exhaust, and the usual check up..your mechanic is an idiot.
  6. So my key gets stuck in the tumbler sometimes. dont know if i need to spend the money on a new tumbler or if there is anything out there that can fix it like lubericant or something.
  7. it just started doin it to the left side today.
  8. guys...maybe he was getting a hummer...it happens to the best of us.
  10. yeah, it happens to me sometimes. except i get really pissed off and just rip it out...i dont suggest doing that.
  11. Every time i take a turn, and it always happens during a right hand turn, i hear a clicking sound and im pretty sure its my UV joints but im not sure and i dont want to take it to a mechanic. anyone have any suggestions??
  12. yeah its cool. ive done it before i got pulled over one time and was asked where i bought them.
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