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  1. hondaEX94

    Can't decide> swap or turbo

    i can't decide if i want to save up for an engine swap or turbo. i have a 94 civic ex coupe with about 137,000 miles on it. its in good condition. i've found some b16's for about 1000-2000, but there's also installation, shipping, and relability. i'm wondering if my car would hold up for at least 3 years if i turbo it, do you think it would?(as long as i don't beat on it to bad). i have the d16z6 and i've watched alot of videos of it turboed, and i like it, but the B series is in a whole other leauge. what would you guys suggest, based on your experiences? thanks
  2. hondaEX94

    Piping and Price

    thanks for clearing that up. i'm not sure what i want cuz i dont' know if i am goign to turbo my car in the future..i might just get a new car.
  3. hondaEX94

    Piping and Price

    you wouldn't happen to know what 70 mm is in inches would you ?lol
  4. hondaEX94

    Piping and Price

    I am going to buy the skunk2 megapower cat back exhaust system, from NOPI. One kit is 561 plus shipping. this kit is all stainless steel but i guess has 70 mm piping. The other skunk2 megapower kit is 456 plus shipping .everything is the same but it doesn't say it has 70mm piping. i don't know what the regular piping is, and i dont' want to be paying almost a hundred dollars more for nothing really important . What do you guys think i should do? sry if its a bad question.
  5. hondaEX94

    Si Emblem

    i agree
  6. hondaEX94

    How to install techometer

    is installation the same for a 94 ex coupe? >civic
  7. hondaEX94

    AEM V2 CAI

    is there really a big difference in the regular AEM cold air intake, and the new V2 system?
  8. hondaEX94

    cost of a swap

    thanks man..you've helped me big time
  9. hondaEX94

    Brocken Tach

    94 ex civic coupe .stock(for now!)
  10. hondaEX94

    Brocken Tach

    mm k thanks . i'm not like a pro or anything, can you tell me a good way to find the wiring.? sry for asking a noob question.
  11. hondaEX94

    Brocken Tach

    My tach stays at like 2000 rpms and doesn't move! ..if my cars off, its at 2K, if my cars going, its still at 2K and doesn't move..eveything is fine , my speedometer works and all my other gauges, except my tach. does anyone know what the problem could be ,?
  12. hondaEX94

    cost of a swap

    i live in the south shore..>abington . .sry for not being specific..i wanted to know how much it cost to do the actually engine swap..not how much the parts cost..i wanted to know how much you guys paided the shop to physically swap engines. know wat mean now?
  13. hondaEX94

    cost of a swap

    if i were to swap a b16a2 into my 94 ex civic coupe, it souldn't be to much though because from wat i have read, it bolts right in..and i have vtec too, so i don't need to wire that or w/e it says you do lol
  14. hondaEX94

    cost of a swap

    massachusetts..there are two tuner shops that are fairly close by but i'm not sure if they do swaps.prolly do
  15. hondaEX94

    cost of a swap

    my head is hurtin.i just read so much and learned alot lol..although i couldn't find the price of the swap itself..i know how much the engines cost..but how much does the swap cost if a shop were to do it? anyone who has gotten a swap how much did you pay? and what engine and car was involved? sry if my question wasn't specific enough

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