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    a.K.a Bruce LeeRoy

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    Milwaukee, WI
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    Cars, Music, Sports, Family & Friends
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    2006 RSX Type-S A-Spec, 2008 Accord LX
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    RSX: New car, nothing yet, except the few things i've bought, HID's, CF Hood, AEM V2 Intake, Comptech Exhaust, Hondata K-pro

    Integra: fully built from the bottom up, it was a summer long build, and pretty much invested about 10k in motor and tranny build.

    Accord: um its an 08 accord, what else is there to say? lol Its Nioyce

About Me

01/25/2010 *Update*

Just got the call that i've been dreading to hear...my dog Max passed away today, he lived a very long life, he was my birthday gift when I was 11, he lived for 14years, and for his breed thats more than expected of him....I really miss him already, he was the prime example of mans best friend...he went everywhere with me and did everything with me, but he's been struggling with Arthritis the past several months, and all I could do was give him aspirin to ease his pain, there were no signs of him feeling sick or anything, and he just passed away.....it really sucks.....Max May you rest in peace and always remember I loved you buddy :) I miss you Max-ster!



So I was returning some xmas gifts that I recieved on New Years Day, drove past a dealership and what do my eyes see...a 2006 RSX Type S, so I take a closer look, and what do my eyes behold...its a E-ffing 2006 RSX-S A-Spec!!!!! How much was it....$19,995...dammnnnnnnn no thanks way to over priced....anyway I take a closer look on the interior a lady comees out to ask if I want to test drive the car...im like sure...man o man that car handled better than my NSX! So I was hooked but not on the price. So I told her my final price, and she was like i'll call you in the AM, got a call they matched my price and ended up signing all the paperwork!



So since my brother ran into financial trouble I was forced to do something I wasnt prepared to do...I ended up selling my 94 nsx...just a really sad day...and I've been pretty bummed...I don't want to be at work but I gotta do what I have to If I want to get another beast like her again :(


Hmmm, lets see...the name's Javy as some as you may know.




~25 Yrs Old

~5 10"

~Korean (yea don't let the name fool you, long story short I was named after my stepdad)


~Milwaukee, WI

~Loan Officer/Part-time Mechanic/Part time DJ


~On my free time I usually chill with the guyz

~Edit sets for local DJ's and mix my own

~In the summer I play Semi-pro Football

~In the winter I play indoor football & soccer


I drive:

~ 2006 RSX Type S A-Spec

~ 2008 Honda Accord-Coupe

~ 1994 Acura Integra LS/Vtec

~ 1999 Infiniti G20t

~ 1994 Acura NSX

~1992 Civic Hatch SI w/ b16a swap w/ 15psi

~1990 SiR CRX with a Dart Block, running 20psi



That's all I can think of in here...if anything else pops up i'll edit this...or maybe you can tell me lol.

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