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  3. Any one know of any good brands for piston rings for a gsr? OEM rings are expensive in my opinion. I drive the car for work only so I wont be racing or going fast. Would it be ok if i buy the rings from nappa or autozone or should i go with better quality?
  4. As the title says, this is a "sometimes" thing. Here's what's going on: I generally connect my iPhone to my CR-V via Bluetooth, with Spotify being my default music app (although this also happens with Apple Music so it's not the music app). Sometimes I see the song title, artist, and album, other times those fields on the display are blank. No matter what, my car plays the music from my phone just fine, it's just a minor annoyance that I can't always see the song info on my display. I should also add that this has occurred with multiple phones (my previous iPhone SE and my current iPhone XR), so I don't think it's a phone-specific issue. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?
  5. I purchased a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid and changed out the tires and rims after owning for 250 miles. I am trying to sale the rims and tires if anyone is interested. Excellent condition
  6. I have a 2004 plate Honda Accord 2.2 Diesel, which has randomly started playing a 5 beep tune every 30 seconds or so, it just beeps high-low-high-low-high whether the keys are in or out, whether the engine is running or off, the doors are locked/unlocked. I have a video too but I'm unsure how to attach so here's a link to it on Youtube. Has anyone experienced this before? There's nothing on the seats, the boot and doors are closed, the seatbelt tune still plays alongside it if I take mine off, fuel filler cap tight and closed.
  7. When I turn off engine car is stays on. Tried many times engine on / off and still the same. I even tried without the engine turning on and no luck. 4cy Accord LE Need help!! Thanks
  8. Thank you my issue has been solved,....
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  10. I keep my keys in my back pack and want to be able to store my back pack in the trunk while driving. My 2019 Civic will not allow the trunk to close. Is there a way to override this feature? I want the trunk to close but not lock. I basically want it to be the same as keeping my bag in the back seat. I haven’t been able to find anything online about this. Thanks!
  11. bigger injectors,clutch,bov,wastegate etc
  12. check your solinoid signals or may clean it and you go bhammmmmmm.
  13. thanks for sharing but I use optical drives like these https://appuals.com/best-external-optical-drives/ to jam while on the road!
  14. Hello, The Engine check is for the knock sensor but it's replaced with a new one, but still having the same error.Also after a couple of days as you see in this video, there are two others lights which it happens when the engine is already warmed and the rpm gets higher by 200-300, and the temperature suddenly goes up. VID_20190511_131348.mp4 Usually should be around 700-800 rpm because it's with gasoline. Any idea what it is actually?
  15. i got the head of a safety pin stuck in the lock of the glove compartment, whats the best way to remove it?
  16. $6000. Needs clutch master cylinder. $25 part. Located in Sussex, NJ 07461 AEM Cam Gears Tanabe Racing Medallion Cat Back Exhaust Clutch Master Stage 3 Clutch Clutch Master Billet Flywheel Racing Akimoto Hose Kit STR Blade Oil Cap And Dipstick VRacing Polished Radiator Reservoir TenzoR Air Intake TenzoR Polished Spark Plug Cover DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Headers NOS Direct Port Plate System @ 75hp NOS Purge Kit MSD 6AL Ignition Box MSD Blaster SS Coil, 8.5mm Wires, Cap NGK Plugs H&R Springs Progress Front And Rear Camber Kit TenzoR Front Upper Strut Bar TenzoR Rear Lower Strut Bar TenzoR Shu4 17" Gunmetal / Polished Wheels Yokohama 205/40/17 Parada Spec-2 Tires Front And Rear Cross Drilled / Slotted Rotors AEM Brake Pads 98 Type R Front And Rear Bumper / Wing Mugen Front Lip VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood Shaved Moldings And Emblems Decah Lambo Door Kit Custom Black Faded To NSX Red With Custom Silver Pearl Paint Mercedes SLK Side Markers APC Carbon Fiber Tail Lights JDM Black Bumper Lenses Custom Two Tone Graphics Piaa 510 Driving Lights H.I.D. Headlight Conversion TenzoR Type R Racing Seats TenzoR Type R Shift Knob, Pedals, Door Sills, And Wipers Mugen 4 Point Racing Harnesses ACC Custom Red Carpet APC Roll Cage With Custom Cage For The N2O Custom Painted Interior And Dash Trim Auto Meter Dual Gauge Pillar Pod Euro Dash Pod Ichibahn Floor Plate Alpine CVA 1005 6.5in Motorized Monitor / Head Unit Alpine 12 Disc CD Changer MB Quart Premium Component 6 ½" Front Speakers Kenwood Excelon 6 ½" Rear Fill Rockford Fosgate 800x4 Amp Rockford Fosgate HX2 12" Sub Mobile Vision In Dash DVD, MP3 Player Sony PS2 Stinger Chrome Monitor Top Capacitor Stinger Pro Connectors, Distribution, Power, And Speaker Wire Rockford Fosgate RCAs Tsunami Battery Phoenix Gold Professional Line Driver Custom Fiberglass System With Vinyl Trim Panels Auto Meter Tach And Shift Light, A/F Ratio, And N2O Pressure Gauges APEXi V-AFC G-Tech Performance Meter K40 Front And Rear Radar Detector Street Glow Red Neon Interior Lights Clifford Solaris Alarm / Remote Starter Hella Dual Air Horns
  17. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a new car and potentially will consider an accord. However, unlike the other cars I've been looking at (such as the Acura TLX), the accord doesn't have an AWD option. I live in Michigan so if it's not snowing it's raining, and have driven RWD and currently drive a G6 FWD. So I'm kinda ready for what AWD has to offer. However I like the mpg on the accord and I was wondering, are there any technologies I should know about that help with traction or driving or whatever (sorry, I'm terrible with cars). Stuff like PAWS on the TLX (using all wheels to turn, I think) is what i'm interested in. If there is no tech, how good is it driving in the snow? Thanks.
  18. Hey everyone looking for some help, suggestions with my 2004 Civic LX Sedan. Just bought this vehicle with 74k on the motor, in very clean condition. Upon buying, I noticed I would have to replace the oil pan gasket (already replaced) which isn't an issue. After driving for a couple days, realized there was barely, if no heat (bad thermostat, bad heater core, clogged heater core, heater valve bad) checked it all and I replaced the thermostat (there was literally no thermostat in there to replace). I also drained and refilled coolant obviously. I now drive and smell coolant every now and then. System was bled of air, no error codes, new thermostat, new radiator cap, all in the correct operating temperature. No visible leaks or wet spots. Any idea where this could be coming from? Any help appreciated.
  19. My Power steering, ABS, Traction control, and brake light turn on. Car drives fine but my dash lights come on and go off. Anyone had this problem before. ????
  20. In my gasket kit came 2 gaskets for intake manifold. Niether match up exactly to old gasket that came out. Do I use both?
  21. 2000Prelude

    2000 Prelude

    Hello, I'm looking at trading my car for a 2000 Prelude it has 190,000 miles on it but was very well taken care of and has the automatic transmission is there anything I should look at before I make the deal? I'm fairly new to Hondas so don't know any of there problem areas and are parts still available for it? thanks
  22. Hello just purchase a 2004 Honda Accord switched out the resistor but still can't get no display on my AC climate control.
  23. I recently had a bad Oil leak at the rear main, cam seal, oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket. Brought it to a shop and had them replace the clutch, timing belt and all front and rear seals for the oil leak. Got it back and still had a very minor oil leak. Took it back and they told me it was the tranny seal they had to tighten everything up and there was no more oil leak. Visually from what i can see the leaks are fixed. Needless to say I drove it home that day and the check engine light came on with a slight high idle @ about 1500rpms. The speedometer stopped working completely. Does anyone think it might be the speed sensor on the tranny? And maybe when they were fixing my tranny seal they triggered this sensor? Or what night be causing this? The car does run a little more rough than usual. Maybe a map sensor? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Just bought a 2002 Accord DX for my daughter, from a friend. It is in great shape, but 250k miles. Installed new plugs, rotor and cap, and wires. Start up, ran great. When to drive it around the block and it stalled in the driveway. I can't reinstall old rotor, it shattered when I removed it. I reinstalled everything. I unplugged battery for ten minutes. I don't know when else to do . I don't get it, it ran great when I started it initially. Any ideas? I smell gas....all wires look really great.
  25. On the Honda site it shows that the HondaLink remote starter feature is not compatible with the 2019 EX-L. It seems weird that the remote starter is installed but not compatible with HondaLink. I just wanted to verify there is no way it can work with the EX-L. HondaLink Compatability.pdf
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