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  2. Looking for a stock 94 DX D15B exhaust manifold. selling turbo setup.
  3. Are you sure you're getting fuel to the rail? Do you hear the fuel pump startup? My guess, it sounds like no spark or no fuel to the injectors. Are the spark plug wire orientation correct?
  4. Check the spark plugs again for oil. See if you're getting fuel to the rail. It might be as simple as replacing the gas filter but, if there's still oil on your plugs after replacing the plugs, then the motor is shot. How does your exhaust smoke look?
  5. drewusmaximus

    Heat issues

    You might have air trapped in the system. Try bleeding the system with the heat turned to high. Not sure if you have a bleeder screw but, if you do, run the car to normal temp, then open the bleeder screw carefully to release pressure. It's ok if some coolant comes out. Actually you want coolant to come outwith a consistent flow. If coolant comes out with bubbles, there's air in the system.
  6. If you have power to the connector, your blower is shot.
  7. Check the ground wire to the chassis. There might be rust and needs cleaning.. Are you sure you put the terminals in the right way? You don't want to blow your ECU.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. My son has a 2007 Civic Ex. While in park, there is a drone and vibration throughout the car. It also occurs while driving but, when I stop at a stop sign, the drone and vibration goes away. Any ideas what might be going on? We are new to Honda. Thanks in asdvance!
  9. Hello There! I am looking for an emissions label for the family engine number specified above! Anyone out there? Let me know! #brokecollegestudent
  10. Last week
  11. Own a 2003 Honda civic si ep3, have a cylinder#1 running rich it has the ka20 engine, I found the injector not performing at it's best I replaced it still running rich replaced the coil and plug and drove it and rechecked the plug and the plug is black and the rest are normal, haven't did a noid test yet or double checked the spark output I also did a compression check and numbers were normal. I was starting to think if there is a wiring issue to that circuit has anyone come across this issue?
  12. Hello guys, I parked my Honda overnight, next day no lights, no dashboard lights, even doors doesn't open or lock with remote, Battery was dead, after fully charging the battery the poles sparks when trying to connect, I did connected though It didn't responded. I hear a hummm noise by the antilock brake system box. The negative pole got hot. I definetely have a huge short, but don't know where to start. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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  14. I’ve got a 1989 Honda Civic 1.5L and it would die inconsistently run rough when I put in some throttle like a misfire. when I looked the ground cable was absolute garbage. I replaced the ground wire and replaced all the spark plugs just because it needed that as well and now when I start the car the rpms bounce between 800-1500 for a second and then even out. I’ve drove it around and have had no issues but every time it starts this happens.
  15. I have a 1999 Accord EX with a snapped washer fluid line coming off the reservoir. Just need to replace it, but I don't know what tubing to look for. I think the most important thing is the inner diameter, but I could be wrong.
  16. TNJHubert

    I need some help

    So I'm trying to fix the heater in my 91 Honda Civic sedan. When I turn it on it doesn't blow at all. I tested the plug coming directly from the motor, one slot has power with the vehicle on or off, the other doesnt have power at all. Any ideas? I'd hate to replace the blower if that's not the problem.
  17. Hello Im posting about weird engine noise, in case someone has heard something similar before. Doesnt occur when the engine is completely warmed up, only between 1000-1250 rpm and almost nothing when the engine is started dead cold, as soon it starts warming up, the noise is there. The noise is almost like grinding or something, at a certain interval, hope you can hear it. The noise started when I first changed the waterpump, then it was extreme, the same noise as on the video but real loud and was always there no matter the rpm. It was a GMB waterpump, then replaced with AISIN and it went away, but after half a year or so the sound started yet again. Then replaced it with HEPU (which they admitted was sourced from GMB)and the same identical noise was back as with the AISIN waterpump. Who knows all of the pumps might have been rebranded GMB, I have no idea if anyone else than GMB even produces this (19200-P0A-003) waterpump. Im out of my mind, so much money has been wasted. Could there be any other explainations, except the pumps are utter shit? I mean Ive installed 3 waterpumps and all of them were faulty, especially the first one. I also got the sound on tape for you guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO6wGmA6idU I reside in Europe, Estonia. Just so you know.
  18. Sure, an Accord, along with other Honda models. will last for 200, 000 miles. It's really fairly common. I have a 1991 Accord with 306,447 miles on it. I'm not currently driving it and plan to get rid of it soon, but this is not due to engine deterioration. It's due to the fact that I live in Ohio, a "rust belt" state, and my '91 Accord has succumbed its many years of exposure to Ohio's use of road chemicals every winter. But, from a mechanical perspective, I have zero doubt I could continue driving the car to 400,000 and beyond. At its current mileage of 306,447 miles, the engine still strong; oil consumption has never become a significant issue. Of course, this is the result of good maintenance and sensible driving.
  19. I have a 93 civic. Out of NOWHERE On my way home from work it started sputtering and back firing whenever i put my foot on the gas. Came home pulled tge spark plugs and they had oil on them so I assumed that was the problem. Put a new valve cover gasket on it with the spark plug tube seals, new spark plugs and new wires just to be sure. It was hard to start after that but then got it started. Drove it and Welp it kept doing it .Backfired so much it blew the baffle out of my exhaust The next day it WOULD NOT start no matter what. It would crank and want to catch SOMETIMES but still not start. Put a meter on the dizzy and it had little spark. $150 later we got a new dizzy and it starts fine. Heres the problem, it idle fine but as soon as you put it in gear it wont run. You put your foot on the gas and it spits and sputters and then dies. Help! Any ideas before I just sell it.
  20. I have a 2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatch and I am making a trip to Utah. I noticed the snow so I will be needing chains and I’m having a bit of trouble finding an accurate chain fitting. As there is a low clearance. Help would be appreciated.
  21. I need to know where the trans supply hose is on a 07 civic ex coupe
  22. My daughter has a 2007 Accord that has a few issues: 1) The steering wheel turns and the tranny can be shifted with no key 2) After driving for a few minutes, the shifter goes into park, but the key can't be turned all the way to extract it. Generally, it turns enough to kill the engine, but this is problematic at times. After pushing the shifter into park a few times, a little more forceful each time, then the key can be removed. Fuse 21 is OK and the brake shift is working normally. I've read some about the solenoid potentially being a problem, but I've not taken the console apart to check this. It's been getting progressively worse, but I'm hoping someone else has an idea. Thank you.
  23. I think my girlfriend's 2016 HRV has an aftermarket car alarm installed as there is a device near the break mounted to the plastic. The device is small, the size of half a pack of cigarettes and has a little button and a blue flashing light. Tonight whenever she used the FOB to lock the car, the alarm kept going off. Our solution tonight was just to leave the car unlocked. Any idea what could be wrong or how to disable it? The device had a cluster of wires running to it that look like they could be unplugged but i was nervous to try. The device had no discernible marking on it so i am not sure how to determine the manufacturer. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  24. EJ7lowlow

    Heat issues

    I had heat then next day it's only blowing like warm coolant levels are perfect
  25. Just picked up this 98 Prelude, always wanted one, finally got it. I worked for Honda back in the 80s when they were new, thought they were so cool, especially for Honda. Loved 2nd and 3rd gen, thought 4th gen was to tall, they should have put the 4th gen front end on the 5th gen car, never did like the lights, oh well. This one has had a $7000 engine rebuild and a $1000 transmission rebuild, it only has 175,000 on the car, so I think it may have had a hard life. What issues should i look for on these?
  26. Hello everyone, I have a 2007 Civic 4-door - head unit. Today acquired: components infinity, Amp zed- 4 channels and JBL sub. Can someone please tell me how to connect it? All cables stretched. I understand that this thing needs to be connected to the wires from the car speakers, the wires that go to the head. Rear speakers will not be connected to the amp, only front. On this thing i have next wires: FL- FL +, FR- FR +, RL- RL +,RR- RR+, GROUND, REMOTE OUT, 12v. on other side there is 4 rca cables. As I understand it, if you look at this scheme, then the connection should be the following: Ground from the high low converter to black wire on the head unit, 12v from the converter to a violet wire on the head unit, and the remote out to an amp? I'm right? and the FL- FL +, FR- FR +, RL- RL +,RR- RR+ that comes from the converter need to be connected to the speakers wires that comes from the head unit?
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