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original honda jdm delsol parts list

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#1 ktdre


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Posted 28 August 2005 - 04:48 PM

hi there... i am based in ireland... sadly the del sol was never released here hence no honda shop will even look at the car for servicing... its a japanese del sol that i imported ... does anyone know where i can get japanese del sol parts list.. as the parts are slightly diffrent.. honda said if i get them the right part no. they would order the part for me but not install them....

please any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated...


#2 airjordan223


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Posted 30 August 2005 - 07:26 AM

hey sorry i cant help you out on the parts list, but i just saw your clear headlight/corner light listing on ebay. im interested but i live in the states so it will probably cost way to much to get them over here...

#3 SonySol


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Posted 30 August 2005 - 09:01 AM

Description Part Number/Code

Exterior -Covers/Masks

del Sol Car Cover (del Sol logo) 08P34-SR2-100

del Sol Car Cover (CR-X del Sol logo) 08P34-SR2-A00

'96-‘97 Nose Mask 485909

'92-'95 Nose Mask 08P35-SR2-101G

Nose Mask (Year Unknown) 08P35-SR2-100G

Nose Mask (Year Unknown) 08P35-SR2-102G

Exterior - Decals/Badges

"del Sol" Decal (Active Silver) 75723-SR2-A02Z

"del Sol" Decal (Gray) 75723-SR2-A02ZF

“del Sol” Decal (British Gray Metallic) 75723-SR2-A02ZG

“Civic” Decal (rear panel) gray 75765-SR2-A02ZE

"CRX" Decal (Dark Grey) 75765-SR2-Q01ZB

"CRX" New Decal (Dark Grey) 75765-SR2-Q01ZD

"CRX" Decal (Light Grey) 75765-SR2-Q01 ZA

"CRX" New Decal (Light Grey) 75765-SR2-Q01ZC

"DOHC VTEC" Rear Decal 75723-SR2-A21ZB

"DOHC" Side Decal (Silver) 75772-SR2-003ZE

"DOHC" Side Decal (Grey) 75772-SR2-003ZF

"VTEC" Side Decal (Silver) 75774-SR2-003ZE

"VTEC" Side Decal (Grey) 75774-SR2-003ZF

"Civic Si" Decal (US Version) 75727-SO2-Al 1ZA

"CR-X del Sol" Rear Decal (Silver) 75765-SR2-J02ZE

"CR-X del Sol" Rear Decal (Grey) 75765-SR2-J02ZF

"Civic CRX" Rear Decal 75765-SR2-G02ZE

"SiR" Decal 75723-SR2-J12ZE

Wi" Decal 75723-SR2-G12ZF

"VGi" Decal (Silver) 75723-SR2-J21 ZA

"VGi" Decal (Grey) 75723-SR2-J21 ZB

"VXi" Decal (Silver) 75723-SR2-J02ZE

"VXi" Decal (Grey) 75723-SR2-J02ZF

"Si" Decal (Civic Hatchback) 450831

Type R "H" Badge 75700-ST7-Z00

75701-ST 7 –ZOO

Exterior – Lights

One Piece Headlight 33100-SR2-J03

Assembly - JDM (Right)

One Piece Headlight 33150-SR2-J03

Assembly - JDM (Left)

Side Marker Light - JDM (Right) 33800-SR3-J01

Side Marker Light- JDM (Left) 33850-SR3-J01

Side Marker Light - Export (Right) 33800-SR3-G01

Side Marker Light - Export (Left) 33850-SR3-G01

Aux Light - Euro (Right) Whole Set 33160-SR2-G01

Aux Light - Euro (Right) Light Only 33161-SR2-G01

Aux Light - Euro (Left) Whole Set 33165-SR2-001

Aux Light - Euro (Left) Light Only 33166-SR2-G01

'93-'95 Fog Lights - Picture 1 - Picture 2 - 08V31-SR2-600

'96-'97 Fog Lights 08V31-SR2-A01


Auxiliary Light Bulb 460516

Center Brake Light

Plug Cover – Left 34271-SR2-A01

Plug Cover - Right 34276-SR2-A01

Clip 91508-SR2-003

Headlight Bulb (Left) 434519

Turn Signal Light Bulb (Left) 457733

Rear Fog Light Assembly - Euro 66130-SR2-00022

- Picture 1 - Picture 2 - 34400-SR2-T01

(Left Hand Drive) 34400-SR2-G01

(Right Hand Drive) 34400-SR2-E01

License Plate Side Lights

B62P (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZA

B62P (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZA

GY15 (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZB

GY15 (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZB

NH526 (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZC

NH526 (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZC

NH550 (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZD

NH550 (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZD

R81 (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZE

R81 (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZE

NH503P (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZF

NH503P (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZF

BG33P (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZG

BG33P (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZG

G71 P (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZH

G71 P (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZH

NH583M (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZJ

NH583M (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZJ

B63P (Right) 34105-SR2-000ZK

B63P (Left) 34155-SR2-000ZK

Side Light (Right) 34100-SR2-003

Side Light (Left) 34150-SR2-003

Exterior - Spoilers/Bumper Plugs/Body Parts

Rear Spoiler (Captiva Blue) 08F12-SR2-130

Rear Spoiler (Milano Red) 08F12-SR2-140

Rear Spoiler (Milano Red) 08F12-SR2-141

Rear Spoiler (Vogue Silver) 08F12-SR2-180

Rear Spoiler (Granada Black) 08F12-SR2-110A

Rear Spoiler (Granada Black) 08F12-SR2-111A

Rear Spoiler (Frost White) 08F12-SR2-120

Rear Spoiler (Frost White) 08F12-SR2-121

Rear Spoiler (Samba Green) 08F12-SR2-1D0

Rear Spoiler (Isle Green) 08F12-SR2-1 D0B

Rear Spoiler (Paradise Blue-Green) 08F12-SR2-1 D0C

Rear Spoiler (Cypress Green) 08F12-SR2-1D0D

Front License Plate Plug (Samba Green) 90672-SB2-670YH

Front License Plate Plug (Captiva Blue) 90672-SB2-670ZV

Front License Plate Plug (Frost White) 90672-SB2-670YA

Front License Plate Plug (Milano Red) 90672-SB2-670YE

Front License Plate Plug (Granada Black) 90672-SB2-670YK

Front License Plate Plug (Isle Green) 90672-SB2-670ZX

Front License Plate Plug (Paradise Blue-Green) 90672-SB2-670YM

Front License Plate Plug (Cypress Green) 90672-SB2-670YX

Front License Plate Plug (Vogue Silver) 90672-SB2-670YV

Rear Bumper 103972

'93-'95 Front Bumper 103970

'96-'97 Front Bumper 103973

Civic Front Lip 71110-SR3-000

'93-'95 Front Bumper 103970

'96-'97 Front Bumper 103973

'93 Front Bumper Reinforcement '93 only 71130-SR2-A01ZZ

'94-'97 Front Bumper Reinforcement '94-'97 only 71130-SR2-A02ZZ

Front Bumper Absorber All years 71170-SR2-A00

Rear Bumper 103972

Splash Shield (Ft) 74110-SR3-A01

Grommet, Front &Rear Bumper to Body 71144-SR3-A00

Screw, Tap 5x16, Front & Rear Bumper to Body 90121-SA7-000

Lid Comp. Trunk Lid 68500-SR2-950ZZ

Weather strip Trunk Lid 74865-SR2-000

Skirt, Rear Panel (License Plate) Below Trunk Lid 66130-SR2-A00ZZ

Bracket Right Side Upper Rear Skirt Panel 66132-SR2-300ZZ

Bracket Left Side Upper Rear Skirt Panel 66142-SR2-300ZZ

Hinge Comp. Right Side Trunk 68610-SR2-950ZZ

Hinge Comp. Left Side Trunk 68660-SR2-950ZZ

Fender Front Right '93-'97 60211-SR2A00ZZ

Fender Front Left '93-'97 60261-SR2A00ZZ

Liner Front Right (Inner) '93-'97 74101-SR2-000

Liner Front Left (Inner) '93-'97 74151-SR2-000

475mm Windshield Wiper

Rubber Replacement Pass. Side '93-'97 38472-SB3-305

550mm Windshield Wiper

Rubber Replacement Drivers Side '93-'97 76622-SR3-305

Windshield Washer Sprayer

Nozzle Assy. (Left Side) Drivers Side 76815-SR0-004 or 389104

Windshield Washer Sprayer

Nozzle Assy. (Right Side) Pass. Side 76810-SR3-003 or 389103

Exterior – Seals / Clips

Seal Kit (Body 4-WH) 06854-SR2-305

Seal Kit (Roof) 06852-SR2-405ZA

'95'97 Front Seal 72320-SR2-043

'95-'97 Rear Seal 72330-SR2-033

'95-'97 Roof Seal (Right) 85141-SR2-033

'95-'97 Roof Seal (Left) 85191-SR2-033

Rear Trim Clip Assembly (Retro'93'95) 91505-SR2-003

(Left & Right of window/leakage) 08712-0004

Clip Center (Hi-brake light) 91507-SR2-003

Clip Hi-Brake, Sail Panels 91508-SR2-003

Clip Sail Panel Bottom 08712-0004

Plastic Cover (Left) Hi-Brake Light 34271-SR2-A01

Plastic Cover (Right) Hi-Brake Light 34276-SR2-A01

Rear Window Weather Strip (Bottom) 85835-SR2-003

Windshield Molding 73151-SR2-013

Clip, (Cowl Top) 91508-SR3-000

Windshield Glass Shaded 73111-SR2-A00

Front Roof Seal (15mm) Frt. Corner Targa Top 75826-634-300

Roof Protector Frt. Seal Tara Top 85109-SR2-000

Clip, Washer Tube (Fender mount) 91504-SR3-003

Exterior Wheels

'95-'97 del Sol Alloy Wheel 42700-SR2-A40

'93-'94 del Sol Alloy Wheel. 42700-SR2-A12

14" White Alloy Wheel 08W14-SRO-120F

14" 5-spoke Wheel 08W14-SRO-100K

14" 3-spoke Alloy Wheel 08W14-S01-100F

13" Alloy 5-spoke Wheel (S) 08W13-S01-100F

Wheel Locks - Exposed 08181-SFOA2AH OR 301776

Wheel Locks - Under Cap 08181-SFl C0AH OR 275992

Lug Nut Kit 08W42-SR2-1000

Civic Type-R EK9 Rim Cap 44732-SLO-J70

Mugen MF8 16" Alloy Wheel (Silver) 42700-MF8-670S-131

Mugen MF8 16" Alloy Wheel (Bronze) 42700-MF8-67013-131

Mugen RNR 15" Alloy Wheel (R. White) 42700-RNRU-1565W

Mugen RNR 15" Alloy Wheel (Silver) 42700-RNRU-1565S

Mugen RNR 15" Alloy Wheel (Black) 42700-RNRU-1 565BL

Exterior – Others

Power Antenna 081341-SR2-100

Power Antenna 39150-SR2-013

Power Antenna Antenna & wiring only 08B41-SR-100

Antenna Blank Plate 39152-SR2-A00

Splash Guards O8P62-SR2-102 OR 461723

Hood 60100-SR2-000ZZ

Gas Spill Guard 17662-S04-003

Trunk Shock 74820-SR2-306

'96-'97 Bumper Inserts (Right) 71103-SR2-J000

'96-'97 Bumper Inserts (Left) 71108-SR2-J000

Civic Lip (early) '92-'95 Civic 71110-SR3-0000

Clip, License Plate (from '91 Accord) 91503-SM4-003

Rear, stops rattle of plate/body

Finisher, Exhaust (48.6 mm) SI, VTEC 18310-SR3-X91

Tailpipe Cover (Stainless Steel)

Bolt, Flange Bolt for Ex. Finisher 95701-06014-08

Lever, Hood Wire Dash, Hood Opener 74132-SR3-A00 or 74132-SR0-A01

Plastic clip for hood holder 90672-SJ4-013

Hood Prop Grommet 91604-SD2-013

Label Air Cleaner On the Air box 17273-P30-A00

Label Under hood Fuse Box 38205-SR2-A00

Interior – Trims/Visors

A-pillar Trim (Right) 84101-SR2-000ZA

A-pillar Trim (Left) 84151-SR2-000ZA

Top Trim 83205-SR2-000ZA

Sun visor with mirror & cover - JDM (Left) 83280-SR2-J01 ZA

Sun visor with mirror -JDM (Right) 83230-SR2-J11 ZA

Sun visor with mirror - Euro (Right) 83230-SR2-G01ZA

USDM Visor Screw Covers 83248-SR2-AOOZA

Top Latch Receiver - USDM (Right) 85030-SR2-A01

Top Latch Receiver - USDM (Left) 85080-SR2-A03

Top Latch Receiver - JDM (Right) 85030-SR2-043

Top Latch Receiver - JDM (Left) 85080-SR2-043

Center Vents 77610-SR2-003ZA

'95-'97 Adjustable Console Vent (Left) 77298-SR2-Al 1ZA

'93'94 Non-Adjustable Console Vent (Left) 77298-SR2-A00ZA

Non-Adjustable Console Vent (Right) 77297-SR2-A00ZA

93'-95' Rear Speaker Grill - Grey (Right) 84641-SR2-0000ZA

93'-95' Rear Speaker Grill - Grey (Left) 84691-SR2-0000ZA

96'-97' Rear Speaker Grill - Black (Right) 84641-SR2-0000ZB

96'-97' Rear Speaker Grill - Black (Left) 84691-SR2-0000ZB

Clip, Door Lining (Round clip) 91560-SP0-003

Ashtray 77710-SR2-A02ZA

Slider Right side '93-'97 Roof Panel Front (Cover) 85205-SR2-013ZA

A-Piller Trim Left '93-'97 Front Window Trim 84151-SR2-000ZA

A-Piller Trim Right '93-'97 Front Window Trim 84101-SR2-000ZA

Top Trim '93-'97 Front Window Trim 83205-SR2-000ZA

Cap, Deflector (Plug) visor cover 83248-SR2-A00ZA

Door Light Switch Cover(Rubber) 35401-SL4-003

Lid Assy Switch Cover Cover/Plug behind E-Brake 83442-SM4-000ZF or 390101

Interior - Map Lights/Door Handles

'93-'95 Map Door Light -JDM (Right) 34230-SR2-013ZA

'93-'95 Map Door Light - JDM Left 34235-SR2-013ZA

'96'97 Map Door Light - JDM (Right) 34230-SR2-013ZB

'96'97 Map Door Light - JDM (Left) 34235-SR2-013ZB

Plug 5 per package 04321-SM4-409 or 392204

Wiring Harness 10 per package 04320-SPO-A00 or 402350

'93-'95 Door Handle Assembly (Right) 72120-SR2-A02ZA

'93-'95 Door Handle Assembly (Left) 72160-SR2-A02ZA

'96-'97 Door Handle Assembly (Right) 72120-SR2-A02ZB

'96'97 Door Handle Assembly (Left) 72160-SR2-A02ZB

Door Handle Rod Assembly - JDM (Right) 72131-SR2-003

Door Handle Rod Assembly - JDM (Left) 72171-SR2-003

'96'97 Door Panel (Left) 83583-SR2-A11 ZB

Interior – Switches

Auxiliary Light Switch 35180-SR2-A01

Cruise Control Switch 36775-SR2-A01

Defroster Switch 103790

Hazard Switch 103791

Power Door Lock Switch 35380-SR2-A11 ZA

Power Door Lock Switch Frame 35385-SR2-A11ZA

Power Door Lock Screws 93911-24220

Power Lock Actuator (Left) b 72155-SR2-A21

Door Light Switch Cover (Rubber Boot) 35101-SL4-003

Headlight Washer Switch 35460-SR2-S01

Headlight Adjustment Switch 35720-SR2-G01

Heated Seat Switch Assembly 38535-SR3-S01

Acura Integra Fog Light Switch 08V31-ST7-20051

Rear Fog Light Switch 35170-SR2-G01

Fuel/Temp Gauge, dash ('96-'97) w/low fuel lamp 78130-SR2-903

Bulb, Low Fuel Warning Lamp 78180-SH2-902

Aux Switch '93-'95 35180-SR2-A01

Cruise Control Switch '93-'97 36775-SR2-A01

Power Door Lock Switch '95-'97 35380-SR2-A11ZA

Power Door Lock Frame '95-'97 35385-SR2-A11ZA

Screws for Switch Frame '95-'97 93911-24220

Interior – Floor mats

Driver’s Floor Mat Hook Assembly 08P15-S01-100G

Grommet Floor Mat Hook 08P15-SO1-100W

'93-94 Floor mats (Blue) 08P15-SR2-130

'93'94 Floor mats (Red) O8P15-SR2-1f0

'93-'94 Floor mats (Green) 08P15-SR2-1 D0

'93-‘94 Floor mats (Grey) 08P15-SR2-160

'93-'94 Floor mats (Black Stitched) O8P14-SR2-110

'95-'97 Floor mats 08P14-SR2-110F

Floor mats - JDM

Color Version O8P14-SR2-060


Grey Version O8P15-SR2-A10


Interior – Others

Air Conditioning (S/Si) 80000-SR2-A15

Air Conditioning (VTEC) 80000-SR2-A24

Ashtray 77710-SR2-A02ZA

Trunk Roof Center Lock Cover 74766-SR2-950

Fuse Door & Label 38205-SR2-A00

CD Changer 08AO6-161-420

CD Changer Attachment 08812-SR2-100

CD Changer Magazine 08AO6-161-42002

CD Carry Case 08810-CD100H

1500 Cassette Player 08AO1-161-310

2000 Cassette Player 08AO1-241-220

Cassette Cleaner 08118-99901AH

Front Speaker 6.5" 08A10-0 61-310

'93 Rear Speaker Kit (One Pair) 08A55-SR1-100

Tweeter Kit (One Pair) 08A55-SR2-100

Premium Speaker Kit O8A56-SR2-101

'93 Si 5Spd Gauge Face 78171-SR2-A52

Leather Shift Knob (Civic Si) 568308

Leather Shift Knob - Prelude Type SH 08092-S30-100H

(Black with black stitching)

Leather Shift Knob - Prelude Type SH 08092-S30-100

(Black with red stitching)

Leather Steering Wheel Cover 08098-SR0-100 or 384447

Seat Cover 08P32-SR2-100

'93 Security System Kit O8E50-SR2-100

Security System Main Unit 08E51-SV4-100F

Security Attachment 08E55-SR2-103

Security Siren Kit 08E49-SR2-101 F

Security Hood Switch 4259321

"Protected by Honda Theft

Deterrent System" Decal 4285557

Air Cleaner Decal 17273-P30-A00

Mugen Sport Pedals (MT) 46545-XG5-K2S0

Mugen Sport Pedals (AT) 46545-XGMW-K0S0

'93-'95 Rear Speaker Grill (Grey) Right 84641-SR2-0000ZA

'93-'95 Rear Speaker Grill (Gray) Left 84691-SR2-0000ZA

'96-'97 Rear Speaker Grill (Black) Right 84641-SR2-0000ZB

'96-'97 Rear Speaker Grill (Black) Left 84691-SR2-0000ZB

Fuse Label (plastic) Label Fuse Door (Dash) 38205-SR2-A00

Mechanical – Suspensions

Front Upper Strut Bar 74300-SR3-010

Lower Front Bar (VTEC Performance Bar) 50205-SR3-N11

Lower Front Bar Bolt 93401-10025-08

Spring Silencer 52442-SM1-A00

Rear Lower Control Arm

'94+ VTEC &'96+ Si (Right) 52350-SH3-G11

'94+ VTEC &'96+ Si (Left) 52360-SH3-G11

'93=95 S & Si "Not for Sway Bar" (Right) 52350-SH3-Al 2

'93-'95 S & Si "Not for Sway Bar' (Left) 52360-SH3-A12

'97 Si Rear Sway Bar 52300-SR3-A01

Integra Type R 20mm 52300-ST7-Z01

Rear Sway Bar Components

Holder 52308-SR3-000

Bushing Inside Holder 52315-SR3-900

Stabilizing Link 52303-SH3-020

Bushing Inside Stabilizing Link 52316-SA5-000

Collar Inside Bushing Inside Stab. Link 52312-SEO-000

D Bracket (Right) 52317-SR3-010

D Bracket (Left) 52318-SR3-010

Mugen Tower Bar (Front) 74300-XGER-K1 S0

Mugen Tower Bar (Rear) 74380-XGER-K0S0

Mugen Sport Suspension Kit (20mm lower) 50000-XG5-K3S0

ITR Rear Sway Bar Components

rear swaybar ($57.40) 52300-ST7-Z01

swaybar bushing ($4.35) (2 needed) 52315-ST7-Z01

bushing bracket ($5.85) (2 needed) 52308-SS0-000

endlink bushing ($1.70) (2 needed) 52316-ST7-Z00

endlink bushing collar ($4.80) (2 needed) 52312-ST7-Z00

bolt (8x35) ($2.40) (2 needed) 90175-ST7-Z00

flange nut (8mm) ($0.50) (2 needed) 94050-08080

Mechanical – Engines

ECU - SNXi 37820-P08-???

ECU - Si/VGi/ESi 37820-P28-???

ECU - VTEC/SiR/VTi 37820-P30-???

??? = Country Code

AOO & A01 = USDM

G01 = Hong Kong

Engine Heater OBT44-SR0-1000

NGK-PFR6L-13 Platinum Plug 98079-65A7S

Valve Cover Gasket 12341-PR3-000

'97 Timing Belt (VTEC) 14400-PR3-004

'97 Alternator Belt (VTEC) 31110-P2T-004

'97 A/C belt (VTEC) 56992-P2A-003

'97 Power Steering Belt (VTEC) 56992-P30-004

'97 Water Pump (VTEC) 481414

'97 Thermostat (VTEC) 603703

Thermostat and Gasket '94 VTEC 19301-P08-316

Upper Radiator Hose '94 VTEC 19501-P30-000

Lower Radiator Hose '94 VTEC 19502-P30-000

Radiator Cap '94 VTEC 19045-P08-13

'96=97 Oil Filler Cap - USDM 15610-P2E-A

Oil Filter 15400-PR3-004

Civic Type R Intake Cam 14111-PCT-000

Integra Type R Exhaust Cam 14121-P73-J00

Integra Type R Intake Manifold 17100-P73-A00

Integra Type R Throttle Body 16400-P73-A01

Integra Type R Cylinder Head 12310-P73-J00

'94-'97 VTEC Cam Seal Plug 12513-P30-00

VTEC Spark Plug NGK PFR6L-13 98079-56A5H

Civic Si Valve Cover Gasket 12341-P2F-A00

Civic Si Timing Belt 14400-P28-004

Civic Si Power Steering Belt 56992-P02-003

Civic Si Alternator Belt 31110-P2J-004

Civic Si Water Pump 19200-P08-004

Mugen Valve Cover 1231 0-XF0-K1 S0

Mugen Oil Pan 11200-XJ1-0000

Mugen Oil Filler Cap 15610-XG7-K0S0

Mugen Metal Clutch Set 22000-XJ1-S0N0

Mugen Valve Spring Set 14760-XG5-S0NG

Mugen Radiator 19010-XJ1-K0NG

Mugen Metal Head Gasket 12251-XJ1-0000

Mugen Radiator Cap 19045-XGER-0000

Mugen Thermostat 19301-XGS-0000

Mugen Limited Slip Differential 41000-XG5-K1N0

Mechanical – Others

Brake Master Cylinder Cap 321295

Hood Prop Grommet 91604-SD2-013

Under Hood Fuse Box Decal 38205-SR2-A00

Mugen Brake Pad (Front) 45022-XGE-K000

Mugen Brake Pad (Rear) 43022-XGE-K000

Fluids & Tools

Power Steering Fluid 08206-9002 (374728)

Manual Transmission Fluid 08798-9016 (492827)

Factory Silicone Grease 08798-9013

Jack Cover 89331-SR2-000

Trunk Tool Set with Pouch 89000-SOI-A00

Oil Filter Wrench 153660

Honda Battery 31500-SRI-A02

Redline Manual Transmission Fluid SAE70W80

Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner SI-1

Mugen Engine Oil Treatment 90000-YZ0-105


'97 Accessories Catalog - JDM 11 SR20J9

'97 Accessories Catalog - EURO 17SR20E9

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Posted 30 August 2005 - 10:34 AM

good post.

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Posted 30 August 2005 - 10:59 AM

i will be greatfull to you forever... thank you sooo much for that information.