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  1. blazzin_dc5

    RSX vs. EVO

    I found this thread on clubrsx.com. I thought it was pretty entertaining cuz the guy thinks his STOCK rsx won . I'm not sure if he was joking or not . Click Here
  2. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    Hmmm....You seem to think I mean all type-s will do that, what I said was one person has done that, not everyone. Also if you would have read all of the post made then you would have seen that I said that the guy who ran a 13.6 didn't say what type of tires he was running, and that will make a big difference if he was running slicks vs. running street tires.
  3. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    The reason it seems so low to me is that I grew up around muscle cars and the rsx is my first import. I'm used to having more tq than hp. My mustang only made 263whp but yet it made 308wtq. So the low tq is taking some getting used to. This is off topic but whats your fastest 1/4 mile pass? From the looks of your sig it looks like you have a major sleeper.
  4. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    Wheel hop is pretty bad. That's why I got ESMM's for my car, they helped out a lot. Before I put them in there would be gaps in between tire marks on the pavement. I think that torqueless wonder could be used for most FWD hondas . I saw a dyno sheet of a turbo'd rsx that made 400whp and only 296wtq.
  5. blazzin_dc5

    Has anyone raced a RX-8?

    I was just wondering if anyone here has raced a rx-8. From what I've read and heard they will run mid 14's with the manual tranny. There are quite a few in my area but I've never been able to race one so if anyone has then let me know what car you have and your mods and how the race went. Thanx
  6. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    Yea tires make quite a difference. Unfortunately I haven't seen many people post what tires or even what suspension mods they have when posting timeslips, they just give what power adders they have. That's the case with the guy that ran a 13.6---he didn't post what tires he was using or if he had any suspension work done. I think I need to find this guy again and ask if he had anything else other than I/RH/E.
  7. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    then how is it that there are guys with timeslips to prove that they have run high 13's with just CAI/RH/E. I find it rather odd that it's been done but yet you say it can't be done. Also, how many of you actually have an rsx and have raced a s2k with your rsx? Like I have already said twice, I know a rsx-s can keep up with a s2k because I have done it. And also, like I already said, the rsx will lose in the long run, but in 1/4 mile with basic bolt ons it will be close and have a shot at winning.
  8. blazzin_dc5

    S2000 pics

    Very Nice. I got to drive a '03 S2K a couple days ago and I'm hooked on them now.
  9. blazzin_dc5

    Arkansas DC5

    I agree (and so does everyone else that sees my car). The stock suspension makes for about a 2 1/2 inch gap. As soon as I get my tax return back I'm going to start working more on the suspension, so lowering it shouldn't be too far off.
  10. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    Yes a new S2K owns any RSX but if I read correctly, a 2000 S2K is the car mentioned and so I was comparing the '00 S2K and the '05 Type-S (I probably should have mentioned that). The 2000 model was only a 2.0 not the current 2.2L. While the power output was similar, the times were slightly slower. Based on tests run on a 2000 S2K and the 05 type-S the times actually are similar. 2000 S2K was tested anywhere from 14.1-14.4 while the '05 type-s has been tested anywhere from 14.6-15. Yes, I know I'm picking and choosing which test times to use but if you take the 14.4 and the 14.6 test times then yes, it is close. Oh and by the way, '05 RSX-S with just CAI/RH/E combos have run as fast as 13.6 so clearly that is faster than any stock S2K and it is only 3 bolt-on parts not a "full list." With all that being said I want to clear up before someone takes this the wrong way, in no way do I think that the S2K is a bad car or that the RSX is the best car evAr. All I'm trying to say is that a '00 S2K vs. a '05 RSX-S stock for stock could very well be a drivers race and with 3 bolt ons the RSX has a very good chance at winning. I only say this because I have seen it first hand. As for the weight I misread . The RSX weighs 2840 with the S2K weighing 2809. I thought sure I read 2908...my bad...another dislexic moment.
  11. blazzin_dc5

    RSX Type S Upgrades

    Actually, stock for stock, RSX-S and S2Ks really aren't that much different in 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. If you're in doubt then check out caranddriver.com. In fact according to Car & Driver, the RSX-S is just barely quicker than the S2K in a street start (5mph-60mph). When my car was stock I raced a stock S2K from a roll and ran dead even with him. Also the S2K weighs a little more. Another thing that helps out the 05-06 RSX-S is the 4.765 FD. However, the S2K does have better handling and would take a RSX-S top end. So you really only have to have a couple of bolt-ons to run with, or even beat a S2K with a RSX-S. As for hp, 05-06 RSX-S have been getting 200+whp with CAI, race header, and exhaust. The highest I've seen so far is 212whp. w00t
  12. blazzin_dc5

    Arkansas DC5

  13. blazzin_dc5

    Arkansas DC5

    Hey everyone. I've been viewing this forum for a long time but I just never took the time to register until now. I drive a '05 RSX Type-S with basic bolt-ons; Injen CAI, DC Sports Race Header, Ansa exhaust, short shifter, Mugen front and rear strut bars, DIY grounding kit, energy suspension motor mounts:
  14. blazzin_dc5

    Ive been hearing rumors

    Right now the most "reliable" rumor seems to be that because of that split between acura and honda that the TSX will be redesigned and the RSX will be gone. Its replacement will be a TSX coupe and possibly a TSX convertible. Its also rumored that it will share a motor with the new Acura RDX SUV that's coming out, which has turbo'd 2.3L that makes 240hp and 260tq. Also there's a possibility that the new TSX/TSX coupe will be RWD or AWD.

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