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    Modifying Cars

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    98' Civic CX, 85' Mustang GT 5.0, 88' 300ZX
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    98'CX---HP Racing Headers, Flowmaster cat back, AEM V2 cold air induction, 97' EX 5-speed transmission

    85'GT---.030 over Keith Black .200 Dome pistons, Scat rods with floating pins, Melling high pressure oil pump, GT-40P heads with crane cams .550 lift roller springs, Ford racing X-303 roller cam, crane cams cobra roller rocker set, Weiand stealth intake manifold, Holley 650cfm double pumper carb, Ford racing stainless headers, Pace setter off-road H-pipe, 2-chamber flowmaster mufflers, MSD billett distributor, MSD 6AL ignition module with 7000rpm chip, MSD blaster 3 coil, Carter electric fuel pump, electric fan, A/C and smog pump removed, World class T-5 5-speed transmission, Richmond 3.73 gears, BBK subframe connectors.

    88' 300ZX---K&N air filter, otherwise stock
  1. brynfiv

    vtec help

  2. brynfiv

    F23 VTEC 01' accord ex issue

    01' accord ex-F23 Auto. What would cause the green/yellow wire that powers the vtec solenoid to have 3.5volts at idle in park. I'm not sure, but I don't believe the vtec is working. Car runs fine until after 4500 rpm. feels weak and will barely pull enough rpm's to shift gears to the floor. Tried new fuel pump, fuel filter, and distributor. no change. Isn't the ecu suppused to send 12volts through this wire at vtec engagement rpm? :help:
  3. brynfiv

    99 Accord EX F-23 rev limiter problem

    Similar problem here. 01' Accord EX- F23 automatic. 109K miles. I'm an auto tech and can't figure this one out. It's a customer's car and 2 different honda dealerships couldn't figure it out. Not so sure it's rev limiter, but it feels similar. Feels fine until after half throttle. If you hit passing gear at about 65 mph it will slowly pull up to about 5800rpm then start losing rpm. While you hold gas to floor it will trip check engine light and make it blink a few times, but when you let off it goes out. only code it's setting is p0131, primary oxygen sensor low voltage. Honda put a new O2 sensor in thinking that was the prob. I felt like it was leaning out and lacking fuel, so I put a new fuel pump and filter in. No change. Watching data list on mastertech scanner with honda/acura software everything looks normal while it happens except O2 voltage. Timing advaces to around 30 degrees and VTEC is engaging. If anybody has a clue, please help. Thanks. :help:
  4. brynfiv

    A/C Noise

    Could be your expansion valve that controls the flow of freon through the evaporator core. If A/C is cooling good and not getting too cold and freezing up. Dont worry about it. Make sure what your hearing is in the dash though and not your compressor or idler pulley under the hood though.
  5. brynfiv


    Thats what I was thinking too. If solenoid will at least click when trying to start, try jumping it off.
  6. brynfiv


    Alternator doesn't kick on, it charges constantly 13.5-14.3 volts. A big amp will kill one off though. Waiting for mine to die. My 1000 watt amp pulls hard enough that engine loses 150-200 rpm when its turned up and subs hit hard bassline.
  7. brynfiv


    Should say on it, but some don't. I'm running 4 gauge wire with 1000watt amp, it's a lil overkill. Your gonna need at least 8 gauge for 500-700 though. 60 amp fuse will work fine.
  8. brynfiv


    ya, what size amp?
  9. brynfiv


    Need a set of RCA wires to run from stereo to amp. A single strand of wire to run from blue (remote/power antenna) wire on back of stereo to remote terminal on amp. Have to run amp power wire all the way from battery +post to amp, and run amp ground (-) wire to something metal on car (bolt in bottom of hatchback, etc.) Use big enough wire for amp + and -. Also use inline fuse or wire could catch fire if amp ever shorts out. Seen it happen.
  10. brynfiv

    98cx Idle issues :help:

    Well, I did a propane vacuum leak test today with no sucess. Surging and po505 code was the reason for buying new IAC. I guess I'll try primary o2 sensor.
  11. brynfiv

    98cx Idle issues :help:

    civic bad idle someone else's civic, same problem. No-one knows.
  12. brynfiv

    98cx Idle issues :help:

    No-one has a clue? I'm replying to myself here.
  13. brynfiv

    98cx Idle issues :help:

    98CX D16Y7 with H.P. Racing header (no cat or secondary o2 sensor), C.A.I. , Cat back exhaust. Ran fine without cat or secondary o2 sensor for about a year(only code for that), so probably not related. Started spiting out code P0505 which is idle control system malfuction. When it throws code it drives horrible taking off(wants to haul ass or do nothing, nothing inbetween). Also surges as you start to give it gas. Runs fine when code is cleared. Will stay cleared a week sometimes, will stay cleared 30 minutes sometimes. Replaced IAC valve-NO HELP, only idles slightly higher. Sometimes it Idles 1000-1100rpm sometimes 1500. I searched it over and didn't find any vacuum leaks. Occasionally throws code p0172 too-running rich-bank1. Please help if anyone has a clue.
  14. brynfiv


    Thats the head. I'm just talking about the block and internals.
  15. brynfiv

    Wrong site, but need your guys help!!!!!

    Thanks Cranny, I think I will run the X-303 cam this time and on a budget some GT40P heads. It's an 85' GT. Last year of the carburated 5.0's. I prefer fuel injenction, but it'll have to wait.

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