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  1. blackviper8891

    Del Sol Sketch

    Thanks for the comments. Appreciate them. As for being off the new Civic platform with the Si's running gear, that's what I was thinking.
  2. blackviper8891

    Del Sol Sketch

    This is a sketch I did of a modern Del Sol. I wanted to see what one could have looked like had it still been in production. I just thought I'd post it here for you guys to see.
  3. blackviper8891

    New Here...

    Yeah... Bloodhound Gang. I like 'em for the hilarious and sometimes stupid lyrics.
  4. blackviper8891

    New Here...

    Yep, I'm new here. I'm Cory, aka BV, Vipes, Black Viper... whatever you want to call me. I'm 17, from good ol' Pa, and have a Pontiac Grand Am, which doesn't run well enough to drive anywhere. I'm in the process of selling it and my ATV, as advertised in the Classifieds section. I'm looking at quite a few possible vehicles to replace it. I dream big, so it looks like it will come down to an S13/S14 Nissan 240SX, an E36 BMW 325i, or an 88 Pontiac Fiero GT. However, I'll settle for a 4th gen Prelude, Acura Integra, 5th gen Grand Am GT, Subaru Impreza, or a few others. I'm an all out Auto Enthusiast, though. I study Automotive History, sketch vehicles and plan on going to college for it, and collect a number of automotive things like diecast models, brochures, and old Emblems. The walls of my room and my den are decked in posters and such. I have one wall dedicated entirely to Pontiac. And yes, I'm proud of it. Obviously, I'm a Pontiac fan more than anything, but Honda/Acura is close behind as well as Nissan and Mazda. I belong to many, many Pontiac forums as well as Honda/Acura, GM, Nissan, and a few other ones. Other than cars... I'm into music, heavily. I absolutely love System of a Down. It's by far my favorite. I also listen to Eminem, Bloodhound Gang, Linkin Park, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Sublime, and ofcourse AC/DC and Metallica. Anyways, I found this forum while searching for some things on Yahoo. It's very similar to one of my favorite forums, so there's no getting used to it like most new forums. That means I'm likely to be around alot.

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