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    West Chester, PA
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    Honda/Acura, Metal/Hardcore/Screamo, Fish, Electronics, Mac, Coffee, NYC, Philly, Flyers Games, Phils Games, Working, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Baseball, Skateboarding, xbox 360, Wii Fit, Running, Lifting, Movies, Animals, My Band, My Friends, etc....much more
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    Lick it.

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    LS-VTEC DA9, '03 Toyota Camry XLE, '00 Civic EX
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    LS-VTEC: B18A1 Block, B18C1 Head, ported, polished, 3-angle valve job, JDM B18C Camshafts, Mfactory Cam Gears, Distributor King Distributor, NGK Spark Plug Wires, NGK Plugs, Blox Intake Manifold, Max Bore 62mm Throttle Body, B&M Command Flo FPR, B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge, ITR Timing Belt, ITR waterpump, ITR Oil Pump, Chipped P28 ECU w/ Crome Basemap, J-K-Tuning OBD-0-->OBD-1 Conversion Harness, 3-wire o2 sensor, AT-MT Conversion, Clutchmasters FX100 Clutch, Clutchmasters FX100 PP, Clutchmasters 8 lb Aluminum Flywheel, B&M Short Throw Shifter, Custom Intake w/ K&N Cone Filter, 1992 Integra RS Wheels/hub caps, Sprint Springs, New OEM Struts, VIS OEM Carbon Fiber Hood, Red Brake Calipers, Painted Side Moldings, Sony Headunit, Eclipse 6.5" 3-ways in the front, Polk Audio 6.5" 2-ways in the rear, Scoche Speaker Wire, Rockford Fosgate Stg 2 10" Punch Sub, Q-Logic 10" Box, Lightning Audio 250 W Amp, Rockford Fosgate Sub Wire, Optima Red Top Battery, Completely refurbished interior and exterior. Many things unaccounted for in this list. The car wasn't running when purchased and now it's running great and looks a thousand times better.

    Up Next:
    1. Dyno tune by John @ J-K-Tuning, Moldings re-done, Paint Corners and Turns amber, '92 Front Bumper, new PS Fender, replace sunroof glass, Type-R Lip, 45% Tint, cut/polish/wax
    2. Suspension....not going in depth
    3. Engine....not going in depth

  1. 90IntegraC1


  2. Haven't been on here in a while.

  3. So like happy Fuuckin birthday man!

  4. 90IntegraC1

    Official 2009 NFL Thread

    Eagles. I'll be back in another year or so. Peace.
  5. 90IntegraC1

    Have You Ever

    yes, my lsvtec 90 Integra flooring it in 2nd. HYE: watched ebony porn then realized how vulgar it is watching those gaping ebony teens?
  6. 90IntegraC1


    DJ Felli Fel - Get Buck in Here feat. P. Diddy, Ludacris, and Lil' Jon
  7. 90IntegraC1


    yah well the thing that really sucks is that a SRT4 would romp the crapt out of anyone's car on this forum, including mine...with their home depot lip.
  8. 90IntegraC1

    how to make my honda faster

    if you want a go fast car don't buy a honda. common sense.
  9. 90IntegraC1

    What are you listening to?

    New TDWP. SICK.
  10. 90IntegraC1


  11. 90IntegraC1

    1999 Honda Civic Show Car

    nobody asked you to talk, bitch.
  12. 90IntegraC1

    User Pic Thread...

    well i wasn't tryin' to beat you haha i didn't actually read anything...just saw eyes and posted mine. yours are cool as hell though, no homo.
  13. 90IntegraC1

    User Pic Thread...

    my eye... my haircut...
  14. 90IntegraC1

    Active Mod

    yo i'll mod, but i'd join the group of people who log in once a month....and i don't get along with most on this site...kinda on purpose.

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