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    The man of the Mountain and the god of Dew.

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    hunting, fishing, cars, model building, ebay, gun collecting.

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    95 civic ex coupe
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    kyb struts, intake, catback, rims... the ricer shit... will be losing my rice name once i get my tax returns back lol

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  1. mountaindewguy

    '92 ls/vtec

    13.1 is quite fast for that setup, and the CTR pistons is a no, his comp. would be well over 14:1
  2. mountaindewguy

    couple more pics i washed her

    are those drag DR-2s? i have a set!
  3. mountaindewguy

    I got pulled by a tiburon

    i like the v6 eclipse, LOTS of potential there, especially FI. they pull really good too.
  4. mountaindewguy

    HOTTEST female ferrari spokesmodel

    i'd be afraid to hit it, it would pinch your wang off.
  5. mountaindewguy

    HF council.

    coupe nigga.
  6. mountaindewguy

    Honda -Acura engines

    hahahahahahaha at the noob. official new sig!
  7. mountaindewguy

    Scary ass movie...

    not hard to follow, both movies have a complete story line. the people that go to movies just to get scared are the ones that say "it had no storyline" but the people that go to the movies for the storyline say "the storyline was good"
  8. mountaindewguy

    I got pulled by a tiburon

    no problem oh by the way, when i read dumb frackin bullcrap like yours, i just kinda skim over the post and don't read the whole thing, i'm not missing much
  9. mountaindewguy

    I got pulled by a tiburon

    +1 +1 VTEC loser.
  10. mountaindewguy


    false, better flow mang. werd.
  11. mountaindewguy

    Scary ass movie...

    the first one was better, had a better "shock" factor. the second one was not nearly as good. there was hardly any shock, WAY more predictable. IMO, if this movie scared you... then don't watch bambi - because bambi is WAY more scary than grudge 2 (sarcasm)
  12. mountaindewguy

    Do yourselves a favor...

    TCM the beginning FTMFW
  13. mountaindewguy

    1 fast civic, too hot to trot

    i thought i did.
  14. mountaindewguy

    rotten egg smell

    if its a headgasket it will have a more sweet smell like antifreeze, but rotton egg is almost always cat/exhaust.
  15. mountaindewguy

    how do u like it

    sex in a car FTL sex over the hood....FTW.

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