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  1. This problem is so common, I don't see much talk of it in most forums, but I see a least 10 to 15 each year - that's just me, within one city. What happens is, the front tires can just pull off from the joints. This for me; is the worst thing that can happen to any car, its worse than some engine problem cus you need to fix it right where I happens or you need a full size tow van. Where there any call backs for these issues? I don't think these are known in developed countries where all the roads are mostly good; but here; we have bad roads, the only vehicle that does this ar are the Hondas! I think this is something very very serious. I've seen Hondas in more accidents than any other model, and I think it's due to this. It comes with little information, happens to even fairly good condition. I started taking pictures of this when I see them; I've seen I happen to even elderly women out to work in the morning. Is there any known fix for this?

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