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    94 Honda Civic DX Coupe
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    JDM B16A Swap, AEM CIA, Greddy 4-2-1 Header, HKS High Power Exhaust, Excede Stage 1 Clutch, Excede Lightweight Flywheel, Tenzo R Sinko Wheels wrapped in Falken Tires. Autometer Cobalt Tach and Air Fuel Guage, and more to come.

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  1. RobUSN

    Will it work

    Its been a while since I been here but I have a fast question. I have a chance to get a 87 CRX, I know its not a 88-91, but its better than nothing, but in short heres what I am planning. I know the 87 comes with the carburated D15, but I want to put the 92-95 Civic Si/EX engine, the D16 SOHC Vtec, first will that engine have any issues with fitament since a D series already is in the car,as well aside from getting the ECU in there? And second if it can, beside from getting a custom IC piping, will there be enough room for a turbo to be thrown in there? I need the info ASAP please,t hanks ahead of time.
  2. RobUSN

    Memorial Day plans?

    Working... I love being in the navy...
  3. RobUSN

    How to upgrade a car

    Well, the only superchargers I really know of are the Jackson Racing Superchargers, and the Vortech Superchargers. I dont know about used, but for the JRSC your looking at at least 2000 for pretty good gains all throughout the powerband, not to mention its 50 state legal so you dont have to worry about a fix-it ticket. I cant say much on the VSC, but all I do know about it, it offers alot of power from it, but is pretty expensive. And a supercharger is slightly like a turbo, though instead of using exhaust gas to spin a turbine it uses a pulley conected to the engine, I think on the crank pulley, not 100% sure on that one. Of which that pully spins a fan that sucks alot more air into your engine. So theres virtually no lag because its running off your engine rather than exhaust gas. I dont know all the technical stuff, as my description is probally wrong in some areas. And yes they will work with you having a auto.
  4. RobUSN

    How to upgrade a car

    Engine swap? A "B" series swap, every one but the non vtec B18's is at least 160 HP. Or, lots of mods, intake, header, exhaust, cams, cam gears, throttle bodies, intake manifold, internals, valves, fuel systems...etc.... Or throw a supercharger or trubo on your car. A shot of Nos maybe? I think that about covers as for upgrading. "Search" is your friend too.
  5. RobUSN

    Looking for power

    try the 3 basics first, intake, header, exhaust, all of which shouldnt run you more than 1200 depending what you get. Just remember, your going to get what you pay for. But if your looking for serious power, your going to have to spend quite a bit on a NA buildup, or just boost your civic.
  6. RobUSN

    Best Gen Civic

    5th gen with a 99-00 Si engine!!!
  7. RobUSN

    Is your child a goth?

    That...is the biggest crock of crap I have ever read!!! Oh they are getting contacted from it, maybe Ill even post that here of the reply and what I sent... WHERES THEIR EMAIL!!!
  8. RobUSN

    Muffler Differences

    Or, just get a muffler, then the 2.5 in mandral bent pipes that go behind it all the way back to the Cat...
  9. RobUSN

    such thing of a legal exhaust????

    Just throw a silencer on it and you should be fine. The only thing that does constitue a "Illegal" Exhaust, like WickedCivic said, is the Db rating from it, but in truth most cant acctually tell if its illegal or not, unless its so noiceable they can hear it a mile away. If you know your in the legal, tell them to prove it, to go get one of the Db meters and give them written proof because if you start pulling out the books, and believe me, I have already, you should be able to get out of it because they would have no proof that your exhaust is "Illegal" And then to get it proved they would have to go through the process of getting a meter, taking more time and its going to cost them more to do that then give you a ticket. Hope the info was helpful. Oh yeah, the other thing that makes your exhaust "Illegal", is if you have no Cat, but im pretty sure most everyone knows that one already.
  10. RobUSN

    what are and arn't good mods?

    Horsepowerfreaks Thats a pretty good site for parts, Ive never had a bad part come form them and they have very good prices. So what kind of...car...do you drive HAN?
  11. RobUSN

    Beat a stang?

    Whoa, wings give HP? Ima go get one now!!! A Body kit does too? Man, if I would have known that when I as getting my engine swapped, my I/H/E/P/CG's Clutch, lightened flywheel and lightweight rims in dunlop GT Qualifiers, i could have saved so much more money...dont I feel stupid now...
  12. RobUSN

    My friends turbo del sol

    I see a Del Sol, but what I dont see is a Del Sol with a Turbo on its engine, wheres the turbo? Nice exterior though.
  13. RobUSN

    Honda's or Mitsubishi's

    I like my honda more than any other car Ive owned, grant it my first 2 were a Mazda MX3 4 banger, and a RX7 non turbo. I wouldnt mind having a GST, GSX, or a VR4, eh, Im not to fond of the evo series, I like the engine, but not much for the car, but Ill still take my civic. Everyone here is talking about oh this honda can beat that mitsu and vise versa, but lets take a look here at what some are talking about. Some say a swapped civic can beat a eclipse, but thats not very fair if you wish to think about it. Take a stock civic and mod it out, against a stock mitsu and mod it out and it all just depends. Id rather like to see a stock Acura/Honda ITR against a GST or GSX with some of the same mods. But to say it would be all that fair against a civic w/ that same engine from the ITR's, that would be a no brainer that Civic would probally spank a GST or GSX or it would be a really close race, but to get that the honda would need a better engine to do that. Ive never looked much into the mitsu's, but I dont often hear of them swaping out motors for something better because their engines are fine just the way they are. But also, last time I checked, talks cheap, lets all just grab what...we...got and go race rather than the, "If I had" talk. You can bash me all you want for my opinions, I dont mind, the navy hardly gives me a opinion, they just tell me to get back to work.
  14. RobUSN

    Civic Gallery

    Heres mine, the shots were done at night and with a crapty cam, but the outside isnt whats that important, the inside is where it counts, and Im not talking about the place where I sit, as in my cars home finally and my wait is over for now. My Webpage

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