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    92 honda prelude
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    I have two ludes, one has tein suspension with EDFC, vis invader hood, seibon front lip, 18 ace mantas, sparco torin black/grey, mugen front bumper!!!! energy suspension kit, intake, custom exhaust and JDM H22, DC headers, my other one my wifes has 17 5zigen corsas with strut bar and intake.

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  1. rudelude22

    engine swap now it....

    hey thanks alot im going to try that tomorrow
  2. rudelude22

    Turboing Prelude

    those pre-manufactured turbo kits are all figured out, according to turbos, fuel maps..etc. everyone says turboing a H22 is stupid cuz the compression is too high they are wrong, if you run like 8psi you'll be ok and for protection id invest in a black gaurd and a cosmetic head gasket both around 100$ and will help with detonating. as for a cheap way instead of a full management try a piggy back like the SAFC2 there realiable and work well. than if you still arent happy then upgrade internals and fuel and ECU.
  3. rudelude22

    Right hand drive swap??

    I want to do a RHD because i want to go all out JDM and mugen parts i already have a few, i need more though!!! so if anyone has any rare jdm or mugen parts let me know!!
  4. rudelude22

    Right hand drive swap??

    has anyone in there right minds ever performed the RHD swap, im thinking of doing one which would be killer, but let me know.
  5. rudelude22

    H22a Camshafts

    the type S cams have the highest lift as a stock cam they go for like 300 or more, they are sweet and skunk2 has nice cam i doubt you'll be able to find spoon cams.
  6. rudelude22

    need new passenger door 4th gen

    well i need new passenger door id get a door skin but to much money to take to shop i dont have the time. and i have some parts for sell like a driver side headlight, maek offer if you want them.
  7. rudelude22

    Bodykits for old prelude?

    try asylumms.com ive seen some on there, actually ive seen a pimp 3rd gen with a shogun kit the guy fiberglassed over the headlights, it looked nice but wasnt my taste.
  8. rudelude22

    engine swap now it....

    Well i just recently bought another 4th gen lude, but come to find out that the crank was bad in it so i swapped out the motor. and what the hell i thought honda cranks were stout, anyways now my car surges all the time like it idles between 1-2,000rpm so if you guys know why this would happen let me know, and dont say vacuum lines i checked all those and the ecu hookups im good there, and theres no check engien light on, what do i do? thanks

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