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  1. Fish

    Good Deal?

    Oh really? I had no idea.
  2. Fish

    Good Deal?

    well they are set on getting a car from carmax as "it just always has the best used cars" or something and on the nationwide search feature on the website its the only non hatchie SI. Thats why i was saying the price was ok cuz they said that price was fine. And red coupe i dont know who the owner is but it has no mods and such probably hasent been driven too hard. Thanks for the input.
  3. Fish

    Good Deal?

    Parent are paying so the price is ok......Now dont go off on the whole SPOILED LIL BRAT thing ive been driving the crappiest most redneck truck known to man since i got my licsence so i deserve it....but what i really wanna know is are the miles too much in general i mean im not going to heavily mod or turbo (for a while). Just wanna know if its gonna blow up soon lol
  4. Fish

    Good Deal?

    It's in good condition. I haven't seen it personally as it has to be shipped to where i live, but from the pic body and paint look great.
  5. Fish

    Good Deal?

    1999 Honda Civic Si 2D Coupe Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: Gray Cloth Mileage: 109K Price: $10,998 off carmax.com so it's not some crappy car are the miles too much? everybody i've asked said no cuz its a honda but i wanted to get you guy's opinions. Thanks
  6. Fish

    Whats the Best?

    I was told that the only SI's (non-hatchback) were the 99-00 models. I am thinking about getting a 95 model because of the whole 10 year insurance rule. Is there a non hatch SI in that year and if so what can I expect in terms of a price?
  7. Fish

    Whats the Best?

    hey guys im new to these forums and seemed like a good place to ask. What is the best civic (Model,Year,Engine,etc) that is easily (and fairly cheap) to fix up? I know there is already a topic on best model but I need to know on a price basis. Thanks

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