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  1. JpReTz

    frony mount intakes?

    HaHa! Some kid out here made one from a FMIC!! bleh
  2. JpReTz

    Tail Lights

    Yea, just picked up some OEMs. They fit very nice.
  3. JpReTz

    WTB: Intake

    Then move it!
  4. JpReTz

    WTB: Intake

    WTB: COLD AIR INTAKE for 97 Civic EX 2D. If you have one for a decent price lemme know... Pretz02@hotmail.com
  5. JpReTz

    Tail Lights

    HaHa! No I wasn't gonna ask you that! Thanks a lot? Where do i buy em? How much I appreciate yur help.
  6. JpReTz

    Badging Gunk

    My CIVIC and EX badging on the back of my car came off from a powersprayer @ CENEX. Now there is some black kinda solid gunk still remaining on my car. Its the stuff that held it on. I was wondering if there is a special way of getting it off w/o hurting the paint. I put some GOO GONE on but it didn't do n e thing... NE SUGGESTIONS??? :( - CENEX BLOWS!!!! :(
  7. JpReTz

    Tail Lights

    Wondering if the 99-00 Civic tails (Red Top/ All White Bottom) would fit on my 1997 Civic Ex... Thanks
  8. JpReTz

    honda parts for sale

    Pics of rims? How much do u want for rims and cam gear? :rockon:
  9. JpReTz

    97 Civic EX

    where can i find my engine code? What does one of the 97 EX VTEC stock run in teh 1/4?
  10. JpReTz

    97 Civic EX

    Also my valve cover doesnt say vtec? But the window sticker says its vtec... how do i know if it is or not. Sorry guys for asking all these probably stupid ?s but i don't know crap about Hondas, i know about DSMs.
  11. JpReTz

    97 Civic EX

    Thanks to everyone whom responded. SSR, thanks a lot, very detailed adn helped a lot! Also, my buddy's dad does exhaust work, like custom exhaust. So i would need 2 just get a muffler and he could do the piping and stuff for around $50. So i was wonderin if there was any certain muffler and shuld i go cat back or header back or what? Thanks guys :bow:
  12. JpReTz

    97 Civic EX

    Nope, just bought it... w00t
  13. JpReTz

    97 Civic EX

    Hey guys whats up? Just wondering what you think i shuld do to my car. I also wanted to hear the diff. b/t manual and electronic VTEC Controllers-- which is better? Thanks, Jayme

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