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    Building my Acura integra the right way!
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    1996 Acura Integra SE
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    Minor Bolt ons. Headers and full exhaust. Air intake. 18 rim. that's it so far

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  1. I have Sway and Strut Bar for Accord. I was told its fits a lot on diff makes an models! I have a 96 Integra and have no use for it. Willing to trade for whatever part that fits a 96 Integra I might be able to use. I was going to sell it for 50 for both just to get rid of it but Im sure someone here can use it!
  2. I have a Underdrive Pulley buy Unorthodox Racing. I paid 249.00 for it. i was going to sell it for a 100.00 but I would rather trade it for anything for a 96 Integra. I'm trying to build my 96 Integra SE and need some advice and suggestions. All Trades welcome. Parts, Electronics and body kits!
  3. I have a full NOS nitrous wet kit for trade. I have a stock 96 Integra with 18 Inch rims and low pro tires. I'm looking for anything I can use to build this car the right way. Advice and suggestions welcome. I need it all so all trades welcome. Shocks, Struts, Coil-overs and Body Kits are Greatly needed.

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