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  1. Ksol

    HF Member Picture Thread 2.0

    Obviously not diggin' the bf but I am however digging the multi-coloured hair... looks good on you.
  2. Ksol

    Pics of Your Latest Purchase

    haha, yeah it's a fair amount of action...but on the track I think it'll be worth it. Plus I'm sitting home on a saturday night because I bought those. If Brian doesn't believe the pics, I'll take a few for him when the coils arrive. Rim's just arrived the other day and I have to say, they are even better in person.
  3. Ksol

    Pics of Your Latest Purchase

    Question asked....Question answered.....
  4. Ksol

    Pics of Your Latest Purchase

    haha, I owed you one after buying those flex coilovers before I could again. If you hate me for those rims, you don't want to know what coilovers I just bought
  5. Ksol

    Pics of Your Latest Purchase

    New wheels for the sol... 'nuff said.
  6. I hate you just for writing that :p I'm just messin' with you.

  7. Ksol

    Happy birthday seb

    happy belated b-day, keep the sol lookin' good Not remembering anything is usually a good sign.
  8. Ksol

    Random Thought Thread

    I'm pretty sure the contract is just so you can't re-sell it right away for a profit. I know they make you finance it over a few years so you don't technically own it until the end of that contract and therefore can't turn around and sell it for a profit. Makes sense to me why they did that.
  9. Ksol

    How would you be executed?

    Well you've seen the one guy in Street Kings who's shot on the crapper at the start of the movie. He was executed by Reeves...maybe that's who Cm envisioned himself as.
  10. Yes, I'll take Pearce is a post-whore for $500 Alex.
  11. Ksol

    Random Thought Thread

    Now I'm curios as to the rounds that thing fires. I was thinking .50 Cal but that gun is pretty big. Anybody have an actual idea of what it fires?
  12. Ksol

    Samba #2!!

    Is the compression ratio on a B20 good for boost or do you intend on changing that with the internals? Any time line for this full build? two years maybe? You definitely should have upgraded to the PasswordJdm strut bad for the extra $30 or so dollars. I looked up what it was worth these days after talking to you the other day.
  13. Ksol

    Samba #2!!

    That's not a bad suggestion. It's a fairly cheap motor, it's only downfall is it doesn't have v-tec but if you built it, I'm sure that wouldn't matter. You could bore out a B18C1 to 2.0 liters and have the best of both worlds.
  14. Ksol

    Samba #2!!

    Ls-vtec is nice but I think you need a k-motor and you know it. Reliable and still fast enough to get you around.

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