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    MIA,FTL, Florida
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    Cars, Girls, Money, Friends, o yea women and cars, and cars. lol

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    2000 Acura GS-R
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    Nothing much i have short ram intake, down piping, and exhaust. I have 17 in gold rims, and a JL audio sound system.
  1. of course you do

  2. i need a odb1 converter from odbII to odbI i want to chip a 95 gsr computer and put it in my 2000 gsr anyone no were i can get one please reply. :help:
  3. GSR187

    I H8 Slow Ass Cars!!!

    yo ill be just crusin and a slow ass car like a tercel will come up next to me revvin dey car :nono: lol lmao i h8 dat crap.

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