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  1. Sparks23

    Car not starting

    we already checked the wires and they appear fine. Its possible we overlooked something though. Going to take it to a mechanic tomorrow (today) to make sure. Thanks for the help
  2. Sparks23

    Car not starting

    I installed the alternator first and then put the new battery in.
  3. Sparks23

    Car not starting

    My battery is fully charged. We double checked after we bought it. The voltage on the battery was about 12v, all the belts are fine and the plug that goes into the alternator is showing 5v/12v/12v/12v on the four terminals in it. The problem is that there is no power getting from the alternator to the battery. There is the possibility that I got a bad alternator, and if that is the only problem then it's no big deal. I'm sure there is something ridiculously obvious that is wrong. I'm taking it to a mechanic tomorrow.
  4. Sparks23

    Car not starting

    Alrighty. New here.I just bought a '98 honda civic coupe from a private seller. Didn't exactly know what to look for so I brought one of my friends who works at car dealership. Turns out he didn't look at it close enough. The car was running fine when we went to look at it and driving it home. That night my boyfriend came over to test drive it and it wouldn't start up. We got the guys at NAPA to check the voltage on the battery. It was running lower than it should be. We suspected it needed a new alternator. So we got a new one, replaced it, and the car still isn't running after sitting idle for a few minutes. When we tested the voltage on the battery while it sat idle (this is after putting the new alternator in) it was still running low. Can anyone give me any ideas as to what is wrong with it and how to fix it? I have no idea what to do.

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