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    Looking for my first ride!!
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    I haven't done anything to my ride. If I did do anything to my ride it would strictly be the following...

    - Custom Turbo Kit w/ Tuned Engine Management
    - Spoon Sports Racing Circuit Test Pipe
    - Toda Racing ITB's
    - Spoon OE Stroker Kit
    - Spoon Sports OE Racing Clutch System
    - Spoon Aluminum Racing Flywheel
    - Tein Type Flex Damper Kit EDFC
    - Mugen Front Aluminum Strut Tower Bar
    - Mugen Rear Upper Support
    - Mugen Front Lower Chassis Support Bar
    - Mugen Rear Lower Support
    - Unsure About Rubber
    - Unsure About Rims
    - Unsure About Brakes
    - Kouki Carbon Fibre Hood (Could be wrong on that)
    - Spoon Sports Rear Racing Spoiler
    - Kouki Side Mirrors
    - Buddy Club Wide Body Fenders
    - 50% Tint
    - TYC JDM Tail Lights
    - Red Underglow Kit
    - Recaro SCG Competition Racing Seats
    - Custom Sound System
    - Window Visor
    - Defi Gauge - Water Temp
    - Defi Gauge - Oil Pressure
    - Defi Guage - Boost

    Plus much more!!! This thing will NOT be rice! I HATE ricers. I want my car to have over 300fp-tq and over 400hp at the wheels. No stickers unless I am offically sponsered and I want to cruise with others who are all about the same kind of power.

  1. HondaMandu


    Okay, so I am looking for good reliable information that I can count on. Not information that others are going to battle and laugh at eachother's idea's and/or opinions. Oops, wrong forum once again
  2. HondaMandu


    Ahhh good ol' weight reduction and bondo! lol.
  3. HondaMandu


    Hello Everyone, I do not own a Honda nor have I ever owned an Import. My entire family has been domestic oriented and I am ready to be the one that branches out into the Import world. I am aiming to purchase my first vehicle by the end of this fall or early next spring. I am not sure which I would be best suited for, for a first time car. I am not into the big wings, goddy body kits and all that stuff. I am basically looking for a car that would be cheap to purchase but would be somewhat cheap to upgrade under the hood if I felt the urge but to get a good idea of a car I could purchase down the road that I can easily get 400hp out of Yes, I like to go fast. Want to show me what a Honda can do? Take me for a ride! -laughs-. So, I am basically coming to this forum to learn more about the world of imports, find new friends and hopefully get some good information and advice as to what import would be the best to purchase as a first time buyer. Also, if you are around the area, I'd LOVE to meet for drinks some time to really talk it up. I am a major gear head and I love cars in general. I want to be a tuner, get to know local tuners and go to local car shows with my own car, or with a bunch of friends and there tuned cars. Nice to meet you all. Sincerely, Mandu

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