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  1. sandfhero

    What is an SH prelude and....

    It would be great if you could fine me a link to their website. I would like to browse their inventory because I live in Kansas, so pretty far away. Please post it if you ever find it. Thanks. sandfhero
  2. sandfhero

    Which Oil and Filter

    Which oil & weight and filter should be used in fifth gen Prelude and what octane of gas? What is the stock compression on a stock H22A from a 97-01 prelude? -sandfhero
  3. sandfhero

    What is an SH prelude and....

    thanks 88crxsi for the info. do you know where there are any decent preludes for sale?
  4. sandfhero

    What is an SH prelude and....

    Is there a special letter or number in the vin code that indicates it's an SH model?
  5. sandfhero

    What is an SH prelude and....

    Hey everyone! New to this forum and wanting to get a Prelude soon. What's the difference between an SH prelude and a regular one? What's SH stand for? I want to get a 97-01. Do those years all have the same engines in them? What are some of the problems that 97-01 preludes can develope from normal wear? Is there anything I should watch out for when looking to buy one? Thanks a ton in advance for the info. :help:

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