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    1990 Accord EX Coupe
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    F22A6 JDM Swap
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  1. stickemup

    Lose A Steering Pump For Power?

    I knew a kid back in high school who removed/disabled his steering pump from an integra and he said it made a difference. But now, as I think harder, I remember the kid always being an idiot. Not as far as cars were concerned, persay...but just in general. I should have been able to answer that question myself. But thanks for the insight. That's a good line of reasoning. cheers
  2. stickemup

    Lose A Steering Pump For Power?

    How logical is it to remove a power steering belt for the sake of power gains? It seems to me that you wouldn't notice any power gains in a straight accelleration as the steering pump isn't in use. Maybe in accelleration around corners though? And doesn't this cause a lot more stress on the whole steering system? Just curious, Thx

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